How to Choose the Best Siding for Your Home

Workers installing siding on a house

Experts project the siding market will grow to be worth more than $8.2 billion in the United States.

Vinyl siding remains the most popular form of siding. Yet, there are plenty of different options to choose from. With all these options, how do you know you’re getting the best siding for your home?

To call something the best siding, it has to achieve certain goals. One goal that is often at the top of the list is that the siding looks good. Another common one is protection and insulation.

There are other concerns as well, such as the cost of siding repair or siding replacement. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best siding for your home.

Siding Materials

In general, there are a few forms of siding that dominate the market. These materials are vinyl siding, stucco, brick, metal, concrete, and wood. A major decision you will have to make is which one of these materials looks the best and is cost-effective.

Form and Function

Home siding makes any home look cleaner and more beautiful. It also helps protect the vulnerable wood of a home from harsh weather and climate extremes. In terms of form, often this is a question dictated by architectural style and location.

For instance, in certain areas of the country stucco is by far the most popular choice. These areas are often in the southwest and west. In some areas, wood siding is popular because it fits better with the look and feel of their surroundings. While in others, fiber cement is a great choice because of its hardy resilience.

Vinyl siding remains the most popular choice for siding because it combines ruggedness with customization. Vinyl siding comes in a huge variety of styles and colors. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you can find it in vinyl, but that isn’t always the case.

Cost of Installation

A serious consideration for anyone interested in siding replacement is the cost of installation. Some methods for installing certain types of siding, such as brick, can be quite expensive and need specialty experts. Others, like vinyl, don’t need as much time or money to install.

This also ties into the price of repair. The more complicated and difficult the material is to work with, the harder it can be to repair. Cement, for instance, can be very durable and strong. If a section suffers damage, you could end up paying a large sum for a minor repair.

To get more information on the specifics of this, speak to a local siding company. They will have the ability to give you up-to-date information and realistic expectations. Companies like are always available to answer questions and supply quotes.

The Best Siding

No matter what material you choose, make sure that it accomplishes what you need it to. Whether this is a matter of look, function, or a combination of other factors relies on individual choice. The best siding you can get is the one that makes you the happiest and offers what you need.

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