How to Choose the Best Type of Fence for Your Home


Something is comforting about having a fence around the perimeter of your home. It’s an extra layer of protection, a visual representation of the boundaries of your kingdom. It also helps keep people’s dogs using your lawn as a bathroom!

Fences are typically used to mark the borders of the property, but the different types of fences for your specific needs will vary. Depending on the size of your home, where you live, and how security conscious you are, you’ve got a few options to choose from.

Read on to find out which type of fence could be right for you!

Type of Fence

You’ve probably got a general idea of the type of fence you’re looking for, but it’s important to consider your options carefully. Choosing a fence is for life, not just for Christmas. You’re going to be using and looking at it for years to come and it’s also a good idea to think of the value it could add to your property.

Are you fencing your home for privacy or a simple border? Maybe a fence to help mitigate the wind in your garden, or to ensure your dog doesn’t escape. Perhaps you simply like the look of a certain type of fence.

Let’s explore some of your options!

Chain Link Fences

The beauty of chain link fence types is their durability and how they stand up to the wind, which blows right through them. They’re available in any color you can think of and are relatively cheap compared to traditional wooden fences.

They aren’t the best choice if you value your privacy because they don’t offer any. However, if it’s an open feeling space you’re looking for, a chain-link fence might be perfect for you. They afford the best visibility and work especially well if you’ve got CCTV as they don’t obscure vision.

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Wood Fences

Wood is commonly used for the ubiquitous residential fence, and for good reason. Wood is a beautiful, natural, sustainable material that can be painted or stained however you prefer.

Wooden fences aren’t constructed of machined parts, so you can build them or have them built to whatever size and shape are right for you. This includes how strong you need your fence to be if you want to be able to see through it and the height you require. Whatever the specification, you can make it with wood.

Aluminum Fences

The wrought iron metal fences of old command a certain majesty. A sense of grandeur and permanency. They also cost an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking for a strong, rust-proof metallic fence that’s sure to stand the test of time, look no further than aluminum. It does the same job as the iron of old, at half the price and weight!

Often seen as a minimalist option constructed from clean lines with modern design, these fences are popular for a reason. They go up fast, don’t cost a fortune, and can beautifully complement whatever aesthetic you’re going for.

If You’re on the Fence

Don’t be! Carefully consider which type of fence might be right for you, and you can’t go wrong. You can ask the help of fence contractors like Timber Ridge Fence Company to help you choose the best type of fence that will suit your preference. Once you’ve decided on a fence and have it built, you’ll look back to your fenceless days and wonder how you ever went without.

If you feel like you know a little more about fences after reading this article, why not check out the rest of the blog? We’ve got a whole host of articles to look through and fences are the least of it!