How to Pick the Right CCTV Camera for Home Security


Did you know that homes without a home security system are three times as likely to get burgled than ones that don’t?

That’s why the CCTV camera for home security market has taken off over the last few years. It’s also become more affordable and you can choose from a wide array of CCTV cameras.

You’ll want to keep reading if you’re looking for a home security camera. Check out this guide to help you choose the right camera to keep your property safe and secure.

Smart Home vs. CCTV Camera for Home Security

Homes have gotten smarter over the last few years. Everything from your coffee maker to your lighting system can connect to your home network.

Home security cameras operate on your home network. That enables you to see what’s happening at home when you’re not there.

A CCTV system means closed circuit television system. It’s a system of cameras connected to a central recording device. The devices are usually connected by cables, bypassing vulnerable networks.

A home security CCTV system is more reliable because it doesn’t depend on an internet connection to operate. You could miss out on important footage if your network goes down. A burglar could also know to turn off your network to cut the system out.

On the downside, a CCTV only captures data on the recording device. You’ll need to decide which system is the best one for you.

Installing a CCTV Camera

Where you install the cameras matter just as much as how the data gets stored. You want to have a camera at the main entrance of your home and your driveaway.

Go around your property and look for vulnerable areas, such as a back door or low window that someone can easily access. If you’re not sure what to look for, NestKoo has information about home security.

Camera Quality

The quality of footage will help you and the police identify intruders faster. The higher the resolution, the more details get captured. You can read faces and license plates much easier.

An HD camera has the capacity to record these details. An analog camera will be more affordable, but you’ll miss these crucial details.


You’re getting a home security camera because you want to keep your home and family safe. It’s hard to do if your home security camera itself isn’t secure.

That’s one of the drawbacks of having a smart home security system. There have been a number of instances where hackers breach home security systems.

This is mostly due to poor network security. You should make sure that you know how to tighten up your home network before you buy a smart home security camera.

Buying a Home Security Camera

If you want to deter break-ins, you need to get a home security camera. A CCTV camera for home security is reliable and doesn’t depend on your home network to operate.

Get a home security CCTV system with high resolution so you can record the fine details of any event that happens in your home.

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