How to Pick the Right Commercial Roofing Material


The US roofing market is worth almost 52 billion dollars per year, with repair accounting for a large percentage of sales.

Your building is only as strong as the roof you install. Selecting the best commercial roofing material for your business could prevent costly repairs further down the line.

So, why settle for a subpar roofing solution? Our helpful guide shows you how to choose the best roofing materials for the job, whatever kind of specs you require.

Read on to find out more about the best commercial roofing material for your business.


Single-ply roofing is a diverse and valuable commercial roofing material.

Single-ply systems utilize single sheets of plyboard for wide-width coverage. The roof is then sealed with a synthetic finish. Its benefits include lightweight design, low cost, and easy prefabrication options. 

Single-ply is one of the best roofing materials for commercial buildings because of its easy installation and weather resistance.


Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a popular roofing membrane. 

It is one of the fastest-growing commercial roofing solutions on the market. TPO roofing systems are comprised of a synthetic layer of plastic and a reinforcing scrim, providing excellent protection against organic pollution.

TPO is ideal for use in food production operations as well as sterile workplaces.


Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a durable rubber-based commercial roofing material.

EPDM is often used in industry due to its flexible and hardwearing properties. It is easy to maintain and can last up to 50 years.

EPDM is one of the most hardwearing types of commercial roof materials. Energy-efficient and planet-friendly, it is great for thermo-sensitive industry applications.


Many metals are ideal commercial roofing materials. Their minimal maintenance costs make them the first choice for many different businesses.

Common types of metal used for commercial roofs include galvanized steel, copper, tin, and aluminum.

Metal roofs are sustainable and effective for use in low-pitch roofs. Some metals such as zinc can be painted or patinated for an aesthetic finish.

Green Roof

Green roofing has become more popular in recent years and is one of the best commercial roofing materials for offices and apartment buildings. 

Green roofs utilize organic materials and a waterproof liner to provide shade,  thermal insulation, and sound-proofing.

Green roofs are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. However, they require regular care and maintenance to stay at their best. 

Choose the Right Commercial Roofing Material

So, what is the best commercial roofing material? There are many different factors to consider when selecting roofing materials for commercial buildings.

Our helpful guide explains the benefits of many roofing solutions. However, you can contact Far West Roofing for more information as well as a free quote.

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