How to Protect Your Things From Sun Fading

Wooden shutters in front of bright, sunlit windows

Picture this: you’re remodeling your home to let in as much natural light to enhance your room. You’ve got everything done, and everything looks more spacious and brighter. Summertime comes around for a while, and your things start losing their color and luster.

There’s only one reason behind that. Fading colors mean that some of your things are in direct sunlight and experienced sun fading.

Like how it’s harmful to one’s health, UV rays can also damage your furnishings at home. This sun damage causes color fading to your carpet, curtains, and floors.

Do you want to know how to prevent sun fading on your things? This article is a helpful guide that will tell you the best ways to do it.

Take Good Care of Your Furnishings

Taking good care of your furniture not only prolongs them, but it also keeps them looking new. Too much exposure to the sun can make your things look dull and old.

One of the ways you can prevent sun damage on your furniture is by sealing them. Sealants like varnish, lacquer, and wax give your wooden furnishings enough sun protection.

However, doing this will not give perfect protection to color fading. You’ll need to keep maintaining your things with a sealant to prevent them from sun fading.

Make Proper Décor Choices

When you’re redecorating, making the right décor choices will help preserve your home’s interior. It means getting to choose the right colors and fabric for your living space.

Your furnishings won’t fade or lose their luster at the same time. Dark colors always fade faster than lighter colors. For instance, red colors fade the fastest.

To homeowners who want to put red in their homes, try using it as an accent color. It’s easier to switch out faded red throw pillows than an entire couch.

Protect Your Furniture From the Sun

Another good way to avoid sun fading is to protect your furniture from direct sunlight. There are many tricks you can do about it.

The easiest one is to keep your pieces away from direct UV rays. Try placing treasured items like prized artworks in shaded parts of the house.

Using window treatments like hanging curtains, blinds, or shutters can also work. Putting something to block out the sun is helpful during hotter months of the year.

Apart from that, you can also buy home window tint for your home. Window films or tints are good handlers of sun and natural light. They won’t restrict your view and can even save your energy bills.

Rearrange Your Living Space

Rearranging your living space is a helpful method to avoid sun fading on your furniture. Consider the layout of your room, then remove vulnerable pieces from direct sunlight.

You can also try other design elements to cover up furnishings prone to fading. By doing this, you’ll get to change your house’s look with a smaller budget.

Must-Dos to Protect Your Things From Sun Fading

Natural light always helps in enhancing your room’s appearance. Despite that, having your things exposed to a lot of it can cause sun fading. Because of that, your furnishings fade and lose their luster faster.

Knowing what you can do to protect your furniture from sun damage is necessary to save costs.

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