How to Tackle a Home Clearance


Have you ever found yourself wondering, “When did I get all of this stuff!” If so, you may consider a home clearance.

A house clearance can be an excellent project, whether you’re considering a move or just want to do some spring cleaning. The question is, how do you start off this project? What are the most efficient methods for clearing junk out of your home?

If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore some of the best junk clearance steps and strategies in the guide below.

Give Yourself Time for a Home Clearance

The first step in dumping junk is giving yourself time for the project. Many people wait until the last minute to prepare their home clearance. In doing so, they make the project more stressful and less efficient.

So, start by giving yourself half a day to work on each room that needs clearing. This may seem like too much time, but it helps you. Allowing half a day for each room ensures you can work as efficiently as possible.

Decide What to Keep When Dumping Junk

Once you have time to work, start sorting what items you’ll keep. Doing this makes selling unwanted possessions simpler.

We recommend using the traffic light system to sort out your items. This system utilizes three bins:

  • Red bins (keep)
  • Yellow bins (sell/donate)
  • Green bin (trash)

From there, go through the house and label everything you use. Try to avoid sentimentality while you do this. Otherwise, you may keep several items that you don’t need.

Once you label everything, count up how many items you’re keeping. If it outnumbers the items you’re throwing away, you may need to hire more objective help.

How Much Stuff Are You Dumping?

Next, determine how much stuff you have to dump. Try to determine how many garbage cans your stuff would fill.

Also, look for items you can break down to take up less space. For example, you can break down cupboards or empty boxes to maximize the room in a bin.

Finding a Junk Hauling Service

The next step is to find a stress free junk hauling service. You’ll have several bulky items and boxes to take to the nearest landfill. Depending on the vehicle you drive, this could quickly become expensive.

Instead, these junk hauling services can carry your disposable items for you. There are a few ways to prepare for this.

First, we recommend getting the items you want to keep out of the home. This way, hauling services don’t have to sort out which items to take away.

Alternatively, try to find one room where you can store the items you keep. This step prevents clutter and confusion for this hauling service.

Start Your Home Clearance Project Today!

Following these steps is an excellent way to begin your home clearance. These measures can help you eliminate excess clutter and hoarding in your house. From there, you can reorganize your home in a more efficient way.

So, start your home clearance project today! Soon, you’ll have a house free of clutter and unnecessary possessions.

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