How to Wash Carpet in Your Apartment


Do you know why airports have carpeted floors? It’s because carpets appear to create more relaxing holding areas. Relaxed travelers, in turn, may feel more inclined to shop at their stores.

Researchers found similar results. They say that walking on carpeted floors induces less stress than wood floors.

Unfortunately, carpets can also become a source of stress if they get soiled. That’s especially true for apartment dwellers. After all, landlords may hold renters liable for stained carpets.

So, as a renter yourself, it’s best to learn how to wash carpet in your rented place. That way, you can avoid getting into trouble with your landlord or facing liabilities.

We’ll give you the top tips for washing carpet in this guide, so be sure to read on.

Remove Whatever Is Sitting on the Carpets

For the most thorough, deep-clean carpet job, take the time to declutter the carpeted area. That includes removing items off the floor and moving furniture to one side of the room.

However, don’t try to lift heavy furnishings by yourself. Keep in mind that heavy lifting is a leading cause of injury, especially in the workplace. So, it’s best to have someone help you carry and move them.

Eliminate Debris and Dirt Build-up

Carpets are a catch-all for debris, dirt, dust, dust mites, shed skin cells, pet dander, and a lot of other icky stuff. A square inch of carpeting can even harbor hundreds of thousands of bacteria. In that case, such floor covers can be thousands of times dirtier than a toilet seat.

That’s all the more reason to make regular apartment carpet cleaning a weekly habit. Using a vacuum with strong suction power, in turn, is one of the best ways to clean carpeting.

No matter how strong your vacuum’s suction power is, it’s best to take your time when vacuuming the carpets. That’s even more crucial while cleaning high-traffic areas, such as the living room. So, take it slow and run the machine over the same spot a few times to remove more contaminants.

Clean Up Spills Right Away

Anthocyanins, betalains, and carotenoids are natural pigments found in many foods and drinks. They’re also plant-derived colorants used to dye textiles. That’s why you want to clean up colored food and liquid spills on carpets right away.

Otherwise, the carpets are at risk of developing stubborn or even permanent stains. In any case, the longer you let those spills sit on the carpeting, the deeper they can seep into the floor covers.

The best way to clean up spilled (wet) food and drinks is by using paper towels or white cloth to blot the liquid out. Avoid using colored fabrics, as their dye may transfer and seep into the carpet.

Freshen Up Carpets With Baking Soda

Baking soda, the same fine powder stuff that helps baked goods rise, is an alkaline compound. It’s just mildly alkaline, though, as it only has a pH level of 9.

However, baking soda’s alkalinity lets it break down organic compounds. That includes dirt, grease, and oil, among others.

Moreover, baking soda comes in a fine powder, providing a gentle, scratch-free abrasive. What’s more, it possesses properties that allow it to absorb odors.

All those features make baking soda an excellent mild carpet cleaner.

Best of all, it’s safe. Remember, it’s a common ingredient in baked products, after all. Besides, unlike carpet cleaners filled with chemicals, baking soda only contains sodium bicarbonate.

With that said, you might want to use baking soda as a natural carpet cleaner.

First, sprinkle liberal amounts of the powder onto the carpets. Then, spritz some plain water over the baking soda. The textile cover should become damp enough but not sopping wet.

If the carpeting doesn’t have heavy soiling, you can leave the baking soda as-is and wait until it dries. If it’s filthy, though, you can use a fine, scratch-free carpet brush to scrub the powder into the carpet gently. That will help the alkaline compound break down organics faster.

You can then use your vacuum to remove the powder and residue.

Spot-Treat Old or Stubborn Stains

After deep cleaning the carpets, you might find that some stains remain. Those can be from food or drink spills or pet accidents that you couldn’t clean up immediately.

In that case, you can create a cleaning paste by mixing baking soda with water at a 3:1 ratio. Spread that over the stained area and let sit until the solution dries. Finally, get rid of the residue by vacuuming the powder.

For even more stubborn stains, dilute a small amount of dish detergent with water. Dab a bit of the solution onto the stained area using a sheet of plain white paper towel or cloth. Rinse by using another white paper towel or cloth dampened with plain water.

Invest in Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Hire professionals at least once a year to help you take care of your apartment’s carpet. The same goes if you need assistance for stains that don’t seem to disappear no matter what you do.

When choosing a carpet cleaner, though, it’s best to go for one that uses eco-friendly methods.

For example, you can look for a company that employs the Chem-Dry solution. As explained in this carpet cleaning guide, it uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning. So, not only does it conserve water, but it also ensures faster drying of your apartment’s carpet.

Follow These Tips on How to Wash Carpet in Your Apartment

Renter liabilities aside, you want to keep the carpets in your apartment clean for your sake. Otherwise, they can contribute to unhealthy indoor air if they become too filthy. That’s a health hazard, especially as most people spend 90% of their time indoors, most of that at home.

So, as early as today, follow this guide on how to wash carpet in your apartment. That way, you can prevent not only liabilities but health risks, too.

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