Look Out For These 5 Signs You Need a Roof Repair


The roof of a home is just as important as the front door. When you neglect to repair it, you expose your home to dangerous elements that lead to the deterioration of your home.

Inspect your home regularly to determine when you need roof repair.

A healthy roof prevents your home from becoming susceptible to damaging weather conditions. It promotes energy efficiency in the home. The absence of holes and leaks protects the home’s insulation and ventilation systems.

A fit roof also increases your home’s value, raising its curb appeal.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to remain aware of the signs of a damaged or failing roof. Look out for these five major signs that indicate your home needs roof repair.

1. Missing or Cracked Shingles Is the Most Obvious Sign You Need Roof Repair

When shingles age, they either crack along the edges or completely in half. They also break away from roofing underlayment.

Shingles also curl up, signaling the need for repair or replacement.

As soon as you notice gaps in the roof or missing shingles, it’s time to call a roof repair service. An experienced service person can gauge if you need a new roof or a simple repair job.

Roofing contractors use professional roof materials to replace missing shingles. Schedule an appointment to have one come and inspect your roof.

2. Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is another sign your home needs roof repair. Common chimney types have flashing made out of low-grade or high-grade cement or tar. Low-grade flashing materials last 15 years or less.

When the chimney flashing on the roof wears, dew and water leak into the home. Have a professional replace low-grade flashing with water-tight fitting. Replacing low-grade flashing extends the life of the chimney and protects your roof.

3. Light in the Attic

Most homeowners don’t frequently visit their home’s attic, except to occasionally store things. Whenever you make that trip, if you notice any light in the attic, there’s a problem on the roof.

Holes in the roof let outside light into the attic. They also help water, dew, and other elements seep into the attic, which affects the rest of the home. Outside light is an indication you need to call a professional right away.

4. Sagging Spots

A roof that droops or sags requires repair. Drooping and sagging in the roof is a sign of moisture trapped beneath the surface.

Moisture makes the material too pliable, forcing it to give way and sink. If the roof sags too low, chances are it will collapse and cause damage to your home.

5. Age

Roofs don’t last forever. Age is a sure sign you need a professional roof repair or a new roof. Most roofs have a lifespan of fewer than 30 years. Depending on your home’s geographical location, most signs of aging happen around year 10.

Check the date of your home’s last roof installment and count from that date. Safely mount your roof and perform a DIY inspection. If anything looks or feels out of place, call a professional right away.

Stay On Top of Your Home’s Roof Repair Needs

The first line of defense on a home is the roof. Keep it healthy by having a professional perform routine roof repair.

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