Make Your Next Event a Success: Rent Portable Sinks and Bathrooms


Did you know around half of all people have a bowel movement once a day? Having access to a reliable restroom at all times is incredibly important for good digestive health.

Have you ever wondered how to make sure that guests are comfortable at your parties and events? Here are some of the perks of portable sinks and bathrooms so you can throw a top-tier bash.

Prevent Guests From Leaving

When you need to use the bathroom but do not have access, there is no doubt that you will leave any event to find somewhere to relieve yourself. However, your guests can stay comfortable at any party with access to portable restrooms.

Make sure to give clear directions so that everyone knows where the restrooms are located. If your event is somewhere that does not usually include restrooms and holding tanks, you should clearly specify it on the invitation.

Promote Cleanliness and Sanitation

Although having a porta-potty is a step up from no restrooms at all, you still need to make sure that you have ways to keep people clean and healthy. Portable sinks will help you prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Make sure that your portable sinks are fully stocked with enough soap, water, and paper towels to support the number of people at your event. Consider a company like Goebel Septic to fulfill all of your portable bathroom needs.

Expand Your Venue List

With more access to bathrooms from anywhere, you can get more creative with your venue options. For instance, if you want to have a party in the middle of the desert or in a remote forest, you can do it without having to sacrifice comfort.

Even if you have a location with bathrooms, adding porta-potties will help give more people access to the facilities. You can free up valuable space, prevent over-crowding around bathroom facilities, and alleviate long lines.

Give Guests a Luxury Experience

Just because you have portable restrooms does not mean that they have to be gross or trashy. You can recruit top-of-the-line facilities to ensure that your guests have a fancy experience, so much so that they will not be able to tell the difference between the types of bathrooms.

You should also ensure that you have ADA units available for guests who may need accessible bathrooms. These should be reserved for people who need them so that they do not have to search for a bathroom to accommodate them later on.

Always Have Portable Sinks and Bathrooms

If you regularly hold parties and events, you should not have to worry about providing portable sinks and bathrooms. With these benefits, you can always be prepared for any situation that involves bathrooms.

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