Nylon Harness Dog: General Requirements, Varieties, and Purchasing Opportunities


The appearance of a dog in the house is associated with the strict fulfillment of many pet care requirements. One of them is the right choice of accessories for a particular breed of dog. The harness is one of the main ones and is selected individually for the puppy. The breed of the pet, weight category, and character of the dog are taken into account.

According to the experts of the Waudog online store of dog accessories, there are a number of general requirements for nylon harness. Learn more about this below.

General Requirements for Dog Harness

The history of the harness is associated with the use of a dog sled for the transport of goods. These features have defined the requirements for safe and comfortable use of the harness. The classic version of the harness includes two straps connected at four points. They are on the line of the ridge and between the forelimbs. Thanks to such construction, the harness helps to distribute pressure on the legs and chest in an optimal way. There is no pressure on the neck. Freedom and comfort are provided. Dog management becomes simple.

The harness must fully correspond to the size of the pet. It should not dangle or, on the contrary, put pressure on the dog’s body. The owner’s palm should pass freely under the belts. The correct choice of the harness can be made using size charts or special patterns. The main measures are:

  • The length of the back, measured from the withers to the tail of the animal;
  • The girth of the chest, passing through the widest place behind the elbows of the dog. To the results obtained, it is necessary to add 2 cm for large and 1 cm for small breeds;
  • Neck girth. It is measured at the location of the collar.

Main Varieties of Nylon Dog Harness

Experts recommend having several varieties of nylon harness. A daily walk, training, transportation, exhibitions, etc. – different constructions have different characteristics:

  • The walking harness is a light, soft ammunition for daily use. Anatomically correct is the Y-shaped version of the location of the straps, when viewed from the front. The shape corresponds to the anatomical features of the structure of the dog’s body and makes it possible to avoid stiffness of movements during a walk;
  • Corrective harness. It is used in relation to problematic and naughty dogs. The corrective dog harness nylon consists of a ring located in the center of the chest and two shoulder straps. When the pet pulls on the leash, the straps tighten his body. As soon as the dog stops pulling, the pressure is relieved, returning freedom;
  • Harnesses for guide dogs. Outwardly, such a harness is similar to a walking harness and differs only in that a special rigid arc is attached to it, which simplifies the control of the dog. As a rule, it has wide straps, is perfectly fixed on the body, and does not interfere with the pet movement;
  • Harnesses for transportation in motor transport. The fundamental difference of this harness is that it is attached to the seat belt and provides the pet with the most secure position during transportation.

These are just some of the varieties of nylon dog harnesses available. Each of them has its own characteristics and performs certain functions. Therefore, the choice should be based on several factors (appointment of the accessory, size of the pet, etc.).

Where Can I Buy Nylon Dog Harness Online?

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