The Benefits of Adding Saloon Doors to Your Home


Are you looking into putting saloon doors into your room design?

There is a lot of beauty that can be found indoors. Whether it’s the front door to your home or an interior door, they provide more security and privacy for you and your family. But there are many more benefits than just those!

Saloon doors offer a unique design element that will make your home renovations stand out from the rest. They provide the illusion of more space, can be used to divide living spaces, and are great for letting light into your home.

So, if you are considering saloon doors as room additions, then you have to take a look at these five reasons why it’s worth it.

1. They Add Character

One of the reasons why saloon doors are one of the more popular home remodel ideas is that they add a lot of character to a room design. Very few houses actually have saloon doors installed, which will make them a highly unique part of your house.

For example, look how stunning these custom louvered doors are!

2. They’re Easy to Install

Despite what you may believe, saloon doors are incredibly easy to install. With full-length being much larger and heavier, it is a lot more difficult to install them.

Since saloon doors are so much smaller and lighter, they are an installer’s dream job, because they take such a little amount of time to actually install.

3. They Can Keep Pets Out

If you don’t like having your animals wandering into certain rooms of the house, like your kitchen, saloon doors often act as a deterrent, due to them being spring-loaded. So, if you don’t want your cat or dog getting into the kitchen, a saloon door might just be the thing!

4. They’re Versatile

Another major benefit of saloon doors is their versatility. There are hundreds of different styles and looks you can choose from to ensure you add your own sense of style to your home.

You can choose from vintage wooden styles or more modern styles that fit the interior of your home. Whatever it may be, you can find a style that fits you.

5. They’re Fun

Maybe one of the most underrated benefits of saloon doors is that they are fun! Regular doors do the job, but they are boring and functional. Saloon doors can provide a dash of sparkle and creativity to any room remodel.

Want More Amazing Ideas for Home Renovations?

Saloon doors are the perfect addition to any home renovations. They are great for providing an escape in case of a fire, they can be used to create open-concept living spaces and hallways, or even just let light into your home when you want it most.

Saloon doors are also very easy to clean because they don’t have frames like traditional hinged doors do which means no dust bunnies accumulating behind them!

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