The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing an HVAC Company Simple

Repairman is looking at documentation of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning).

If your home was a human being, the HVAC system would be the veins. And if you’ve ever experienced an HVAC system failing, you know that comparing it to an essential body system isn’t that much of a stretch.

So when it comes time to do regular maintenance on your HVAC system or to replace it – you need a reputable HVAC company. Someone you would trust with the “lifeblood” of your home.

While it’s an important decision – luckily it’s not hard. We’ve got your no-fail guide, below.

1. Use Google Business to Your Advantage

You know when you’re searching a business on Google and a module pops up either at the top or at the side, depending on what device you’re using? It lists their phone number, their hours, their website, a map to their location, and even links some of their reviews.

That’s called a Google Business listing and everything (except the reviews) is put in by the business itself. If the business is tech-savvy, they should keep this as up-to-date as possible.

With COVID19 considerations, it’s always worthwhile to call to make sure a business is open, no matter what they say online, before visiting.

If you search “HVAC company” near me, Google will automatically give you a list of results and you can scan through their business profiles.

Pay less attention to the order these are listed in – that may reflect their marketing budget more than their quality. But you can sort by things you care about (like cost, location, and review status).

From there, you can …

2. Compile a List of Your Top Three

Using the Google Business method, find your top three choices. From there, do a deep dive int.o the reviews – keeping an eye on the time the reviews were written. We all know that right now, its businesses are working with short staff and may be slower or more backed up than normal.

Everyone looks for something different in reviews. Some people are more concerned about the price. Others care more about the type of employees that a business hires. You know what’s important to you.

From the review process, you should be able to cancel out the third option, leaving you with two choices. Your next stop is …

3. Getting a Service Quote

The great thing about an HVAC specialist business is that they usually do free estimates. You can find that out on their website or by calling them.

If you’re having both of your top companies come out to give you an estimate, let them know that, out of respect for their time. And hey, you never know – they may offer to price match or give you a competitive deal!

On the same note, let the company you don’t end up choosing know you’ve gone a different direction. It’s one extra step yes, but it’s quick and it’s the right thing to do.

Choosing an HVAC Company

With the three tips above, you should have no issues finding the perfect team to keep your HVAC system in perfect condition.

When they’ve completed their job, be sure to leave a nice review to help other people pick an HVAC company in the future.

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