The Different Types of Kitchen Layouts That Homeowners Love Today


Did you know that the average kitchen renovation costs around $20,474? Of all the different renovations you could do in your house, kitchen renovations can be one of the most expensive.

While kitchen renovations are expensive, they can have a major impact on the value of your home and give you a more functional living space.

Whether you plan on selling your home or want to make cooking easier, doing kitchen renovations is worth it. What are some of the best types of kitchen layouts? Keep reading to find out.

One Wall Kitchen

One of the most common types of kitchen layouts is the one-wall kitchen. This layout is simple, and it works great in kitchens that are tight on space. A one-wall kitchen is exactly as it sounds, the entire kitchen is on a single wall.

Because everything fits onto a single wall, a one-wall kitchen leaves more room for a kitchen table or living space. You are most likely to see a one-wall kitchen in apartments, tiny homes, or small vacation homes.

While one-wall kitchens are the ultimate space saver, the biggest difficulties are storage and prep space. More than likely, your appliances will take up half the kitchen, leaving little room for cooking.

If you are tight on space, you can free up more space by installing small appliances. Some homeowners also add an island to their one-wall kitchen, which can provide more prep areas and seating space.

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L-Shape Kitchen

Another one of the most common kitchen layouts is an L-shaped kitchen. Unlike a one-wall kitchen, these kitchens take up two walls in your house. The walls are often perpendicular to each other, forming an L-shape.

Whether you have a small or large home, an L-shaped kitchen could be a good option for you. These kitchen layouts don’t take up too much space, and they work well in homes with an open layout.

If you want to renovate your kitchen to fit an L-shape, consider adding an island or dining space. This will give you more space to prepare food and entertain guests.

Galley Kitchen

Are you tight on kitchen space? If so, you should consider installing a galley kitchen. Galley kitchens are kitchens that take up two walls parallel to each other.

They work well in small, narrow spaces because you can tuck the kitchen out of the way. With a galley kitchen, you will get more counter and storage space than you would with a one-wall kitchen.

The main downside to a galley-style kitchen is that you won’t be able to fit many people in the kitchen, and your kitchen may feel closed off from the rest of the house. It can be difficult to cook large meals in a galley kitchen.

U-Shape Kitchen

Do you want a large kitchen with plenty of prepping, cooking, and entertaining space? If so, you should consider upgrading your kitchen to a U-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped kitchens take up three walls of your house, creating a U-shape. This means that you will have lots of room for appliances, cabinets, counters, and a pantry.

When working in your kitchen, it is ideal to have a kitchen triangle. When your sink, stove, and fridge make a triangle, it is easier to cook in the kitchen. With a U-shaped kitchen, it is easy to create a work triangle.

When designing your U-shaped kitchen, be sure to leave at least three feet of space between the opposing counters. If you don’t, you won’t have enough room to move around.

While it may be tempting to install a U-shaped kitchen in small spaces, an L-shaped kitchen may work better.

Kitchen Island Layout

When completing your home renovation project, you should consider adding a kitchen island. Kitchen islands will give you more seating space in your kitchen, make cooking easier, and they can be a great design element.

When you have a kitchen island, you can add barstools to give friends and family a place to sit. Kitchen islands are also a great place to have breakfast in the morning or drink coffee.

In addition to creating more seating, you can use your kitchen island as additional cooking space. You can install a sink, cutting board, or wine cooler on your kitchen island.

If you decide to add a kitchen island to your house, you have unlimited design options. You can make your kitchen island the focal point of your kitchen by adding fun colors, textures, or patterns.

Peninsula Kitchen

Another great kitchen layout for your home renovation project is a peninsula kitchen. A peninsula kitchen is like a U-shaped kitchen, but it has an attached kitchen island instead of a third wall.

One of the best things about a peninsula kitchen is that you get plenty of storage and cooking space. Peninsula kitchens work well in small spaces.

Houses with small kitchens may not have room for a separate island, but installing a peninsula is a great way to enjoy the benefits of having an island.

If you have an open floor plan, a peninsula kitchen will open into the rest of the room, and you will get seating space.

Which Types of Kitchen Layouts Are Best for Your Home?

Renovating your kitchen is a great way to increase your house value, improve the aesthetic of your home, and make cooking easier. If you plan on renovating your kitchen, keep these types of kitchen layouts in mind.

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