The Top Interior Paint Colors of 2022


You probably didn’t realize it, but your walls are overdue for new paint.

Generally, interior paint only lasts on your walls for around three to five years. If you’re beyond that point, it’s time to freshen up with a new coat to remove stains, discoloration, and other signs of damage.

To update your interior walls, get inspired with the top paint colors of 2022.

Light Gray

Light gray is a cool and modern shade for interiors. It gives a cement-like appearance, which aligns perfectly with the industrial interior trend of recent years.

If you don’t want your space to look too cold and concrete, opt for a gray-green, which can warm up a space with a hint of earthy green and even undertones of blue. It makes for an unexpected neutral that meshes with many design aesthetics, without being too distracting.

For another alternative, turn to griege, a combination of gray and beige that has been among trending interior colors for its subtle warmth.

Lilac and Violet

If Pantone’s periwinkle color of the year is any indication, purply-pink is one of the top 2022 interior colors to try.

It’s not uncommon to use pastels and bright colors in interiors. But the lilacs and violets trending now are soft and delicate, with plenty of white mixed into the paint.

If you’re looking for a color that is as uplifting as it is soothing, try a light purple or pink paint in your room.

Blue, Green, and Teal

These three colors overlap, with rich blue and green combining to create a deep teal. Whether you lean more blue or green, this is one of the more daring interior paint trends to try.

Try a forest-y green or deep sea blue in a room that doesn’t have other competing colors. That means your furniture and other decor should stay neutral and understated against the paint color.

And before tackling these bold interior colors, be sure you have trusted painters to help prep your walls and ensure the color is right for your space.

Creamy Off-White

White is always an easy choice for interior paint. But after a couple years spent primarily indoors thanks to the pandemic, many people are starting to notice the importance of warmth in their space.

This doesn’t mean white walls are out. Instead, it’s an invitation to find alternative shades of white in milky creams and off-whites instead.

These alternative whites make it seem like the warm sun is always shining in your room, while remaining a neutral backdrop for your furniture and decor. This creates a subtle serenity that isn’t always found in stark-white interior paint.

Are You Ready to Try Some Fresh Paint Colors in 2022?

If you’re ready to update your walls, turn to these trending paint colors in 2022. Whether you choose a pastel periwinkle, a bold teal, or a more neutral hue, your space will instantly feel modern and fresh this year and beyond.

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