Three Benefits of Hiring a Deck Builder

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There are plenty of reasons to consider building a deck. Decks are fantastic lounging areas and can host parties and other large gatherings. Decks can even serve as outdoor rooms.

A deck also adds a lot of value to your home. A deck cost as much as $16,000 in 2021, but homeowners saw their property value boost by $11,000. It’s not what you paid to build the deck, but it’s over 60% of the original expenditure.

Constructing a deck has plenty of perks, but who should be the one to build it? Sometimes, DIY isn’t the best option, and it may not be the smartest choice to get your new deck installed.

We’ll discuss three primary reasons you should hire a deck builder instead of constructing your deck. We’ll also talk about the cost of building a deck and other expenses.

Contractors Know How to Build a Deck

A professional deck builder will already know how to construct a deck. Average homeowners likely don’t know the first thing about assembling a large add-on to their home.

A deck builder could also tell you the legal requirements to add to your house in your area.

Permits for construction and remodeling can be surprisingly difficult to navigate. The last thing you would want is to begin a project to be told it’s illegal you live.

If you want an idea of how a team of professional builders works, visit for more information. Their website will give you a good idea of what to expect from a deck builder company.

Deck Builders Are Efficient

A deck builder is likelier to get the job done quickly and correctly the first time. Deck builders have more experience and time to accommodate trickier builds.

DIY jobs give homeowners complete control of the build’s timeline, but completion dates can balloon out of control. A deck builder can work around unexpected setbacks more efficiently than many homeowners.

Contractors Have Safe Building Practices

A considerable advantage deck builders have over DIY builders is safety training. Contractors are trained on what they should and shouldn’t do on a construction site and what PPE they should wear while on the job.

There’s also the potential danger of decking materials. Experts won’t leave half-embedded nails and wood splinters lying around.

Cost to Build A Deck

The cost to build a deck depends on the size of the deck you want. A 10 by 10-foot (3 by 3 meter) deck will cost $2,200. A larger 20 by 20-foot deck (6 by 6 meters) would run over eight grand.

For those wondering how much it costs to build decking on your own, a 10 by 10 foot one is approximately $700. It’s quite a bit cheaper than if you hired a deck builder.

If you know how to build stairs, that’s anywhere from one to two hundred dollars saved in labor costs. Hiring a contractor to do the job also means paying for excavation and pouring the concrete base.

You can purchase kits if you don’t know how to build stairs from scratch.

Consider Building a Deck Today

There are three primary reasons to consider hiring a deck builder. A contractor has the necessary skills to build your deck correctly, efficiently, and safely.

It does cost more to have a deck builder do the job than if you handled it yourself. While hiring a contractor is probably the best option, you can choose DIY if you know what you’re doing.

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