Tips for Choosing the Best Rug Colors for Your Living Room


Did you know that brown-colored living rooms make up over 43% of living room color data? White and gray living rooms trail long behind making up only about 27% of living room color data combined.

It’s no surprise that most living rooms are neutral or nude colors because they tend to match almost everything. Even so, many homeowners find it difficult to find matching rugs to tie their rooms together.

Keep reading to learn tips on choosing the best rug colors for your living room.

Rug Colors: The Basics

Take an inventory of the color scheme in the room you want your new rug to lie in. The best tip for tying a room together is to select a rug that complements two or three big colors in your room.

If you plan to shop anywhere other than online, it’ll be beneficial to take pictures of the colors to compare rugs while at a store. You can also take one of your throw pillows with you or a color swatch you may have.

It’s difficult to visualize how colors will work together without having a reference. Shopping online is much easier in this way. To find rugs that match the colors in your home, visit

The Dos and Don’ts

Knowing how to choose a rug color involves knowing the dos and don’ts of the process.

Don’t choose a solid-colored rug if your primary furniture is a solid color. If this is the case for you, do buy a patterned rug.

With a patterned rug, you should match the secondary color to the largest piece of furniture in a room such as a sofa. The third color of a patterned rug should match accent items like drapes, walls, and pillows.

Do purchase a solid-colored rug if the primary furniture in a room is upholstered or patterned. When choosing a solid color, make sure it complements the color of the largest furniture item in the room.

Establishing the Mood

The best colors for a living room aren’t always the best colors for your bedroom. You know this better than anyone which is why you’ve probably established a mood in certain rooms.

To help the vibe even more, you’ll want to choose the best rug colors.

The best living room rug style for those who want the area to feel bigger is a rug with lighter colors. On the contrary, dark and rich colors help refine a more intimate space.

Oranges, reds, and yellows can provide more warmth in a room. If you have a particularly sunny room, you might want to find a rug with cooler tones to create a calming area.

How to Choose a Rug That Fits Your Vibe

Every person creates their own special vibe in the home. No matter what your vibe is, rug colors can be a defining factor in how your living room looks.

Learning how to choose a rug color is simple. You don’t want anything too matchy so work with secondary colors. Consider the largest piece of furniture and accent items in your room for rug ideas.

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