Top 10 Easy Indoor Plants to Grow


A lot of people might not consider themselves to have a green thumb. This means that they don’t do so well with growing and keeping plants alive and well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn!

Are you interested in being a thriving plant parent? Keep reading to learn about these 9 easy indoor plants to grow.

1. Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s ivy should be a must-addition to your list of easy indoor plants to grow. It’s popular among indoor plant growers owing to its ability to withstand different weather conditions.

They’re super tough and can thrive in both well-lit, dim, and dark areas. The plant earned its wicked name from its ability to survive in dark places. You could plant Devil’s Ivy in your bathroom, living room, or kitchen and it’ll astonish you with its resilience.

However, be mindful of its wild growing tendencies. An untamed Devil Ivy can grow up to 15 m and climb over anything on its way. The good thing is it’s one of the easy-care indoor plants so you can always control it. Get Devil’s Ivy to elevate indoor aesthetics with its beautiful marbled leaves.

2. Zanzibar Gem

Consider planting the Zanzibar gem if you love plants but can’t find the time for plant care. This plant is renowned as a low-maintenance, easy-care indoor plant. Even with some neglect, the ZZ survives and catches the eye with its shiny and waxy emerald green leaves.

The Zanzibar gem grows from Rhizomes which boost its water retention and make it tolerate drought. You could forget watering for weeks and it still leaves you with its green artificial-looking leaves. It’s even pest resistant which makes it super ideal for laid-back or busy growers.

With its high tolerance levels, the Zanzibar Gem can survive without a lot of light. Maintain moderate, indirect lighting for a healthy plant. Too little or too much light destroys the plant.

3. Peace Lily

Are you looking for easy-to-grow indoor flowering plants for your home? The Peace Lily might be a perfect match for you. This plant attracts many indoor gardeners with its enduring flower stalks that tower above its foliage.

Garden-grown peace lilies usually bloom during spring to create a sea of white flags. They are mainly grown in April when it’s cool. But you can buy these plants online anytime to grow indoors.

Peace lilies love well-drained soils. Remember to use pots with holes to allow for optimal drainage. After that, you only need to water twice a week for healthy plants.

4. Sansevieria

Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant, is one of the best houseplants. It’s a favorite easy-to-grow indoor plant due to its ability to survive prolonged neglect.

Sansevieria can quickly recover after months of neglect. This is that plant to grow if you’re always outdoors or working a demanding job. The plant grows in dark as well as well-lit rooms.

Despite its hardiness, Sansevieria still brings a striking touch indoors with its resilient greenery. It stays beautiful without the need for constant maintenance.

5. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

A spider plant is another extremely tolerant household plant to add to your indoor collection. It needs some attention but there is no need to worry about its health if you’re seldom at home.

This plant is famous for its ability to propagate and produce new plants. Plantlets from the mother will quickly grow into healthy plants without your knowledge.

6. Neon Pothos Goldilocks

Named Neon Pothos due to its brightly colored green leaves, this plant has all the durable qualities you would expect from a Pothos. It’s one of the in-demand easy to grow indoor plants offered.

Laid-back plant enthusiasts, as well as expert gardeners, will fall in love with the Neon Pothos. It grows fast and, with its aerial roots, it can grow in all directions. This makes it heaven-sent for bohemians who would like to see their plants hanging from the ceiling or bookshelves.

Maintain moderate lighting for healthy, electrifying foliage. Low or too bright can frustrate or hamper growth. Also, water moderately during summer and spring and keep the plant dry during winter.

7. Ruffled Birds Nest Fern

Outdoors, the Ruffled Birds Nest grows on any surface. You can find it thriving on cliffs, old logs, tree trunks, and deep in dark forests. It’s versatile, resilient, and easily qualifies as an easy-care indoor plant.

A grown nest fern creates lush, attractive foliage. Grow it in a hanging planter or basket to enjoy its showy upward-arching growth. The sight of its dense green spreading foliage makes it a perfect plant for adding a tropical feel indoors.

Nest ferns grow best in moderately wet or moist soils. You have to use well-drained soils or holed pots to prevent sogginess. Reduce but don’t cut watering during over to promote healthy growth.

8. Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

Crassula Ovata is a popular houseplant that can thrive for years. With proper care, you can hold on to a jade plant for decades. These plants grow slowly but, with their shade-like foliage, you can prune them into cute shapes.

A well-pruned Jade looks like a miniature tree. The Jade plant is also low-maintenance. It can propagate from its leaves or a stem cut and thrive as long it’s exposed to adequate sunlight.

9. Aloe Vera

Indoor plants come with the benefit of purifying the air indoors. Aloe Vera is different. Many household enthusiasts grow it for its healing and skincare properties.

Aloe veras can create a focal point indoors with their thick lance-shaped leaves. They’re succulent and famous for their gel-like sap, which has skin and health properties.

Outdoors, Aloe vera survives in arid conditions. Meaning it requires little watering to flourish indoors. Keep it in low-lit areas to maintain its foliage.

Find Easy Indoor Plants to Grow

Easy indoor plants to grow provide both ergonomic and health benefits. We all want to upgrade interiors with some greenery while enjoying clean air. The challenge is maintaining indoor plants isn’t always easy.

You want to add some plants indoors without the hassle of constant maintenance. This guide has the best list of easy-care indoor plants to fulfil your dream of a greener interior. For more tips on gardening and plants, check out the rest of our blog.