Top 5 Places to Receive Maintenance for Your Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning repairman working on a compressor and giving a thumbsup.

Did you know that the first person to come up with the idea for air conditioning was Willis Carrier? The idea came from him experiencing the heat in his publishing company that was causing the ink to run as well as his paper to wrinkle.

Thanks to Carrier, we have grown accustomed to having a cool breeze in the places where we live, work, and play. Since we’re used to having heating and cooling at the touch of a button, we want to make sure that we keep our units well-maintained.

Although some units can last 10 to 15 years, where you live and even the last time that it has been inspected by a maintenance company are factors to how long the unit may last.

Let’s cover the top five places for heating and cooling system maintenance so that you can give yourself a break.

1. American Energy

At American Energy Air & Solar comfort is always the customer’s priority. 24/7 emergency heating services are always provided. The company also offers waived overtime charges, service discounts, a longer lifespan for your furnace, and lower monthly utility bills.

As for air conditioning, they work towards providing preventative maintenance to make your equipment last longer. Emergency cooling services and repairs, modification, and replacement for any ductwork if necessary are also provided.

2. All Year Cooling

All Year Cooling is based in South Florida. They offer service seven days a week, free AC repair estimates, same-day installation Monday through Sunday, and competitive financing options.

This particular company is a full-service cooling company that is licensed and insured. They specialize in air conditioning repair, service, insulation, and maintenance.

3. Lennox Commercial

Lennox Commercial provides high-efficiency AC and heating products. They install rooftop units, controls, furnaces, and split systems. They offer competitive prices and maintenance for all of their products.

4. Whirlpool

It’s true that you may have to pay a service fee or a monthly or yearly premium, but it’s worth it. Whirlpool offers energy-efficient air conditioners as well as furnaces and maintenance services to keep your machinery running.

5. LG

Yes, LG does provide heating and cooling maintenance services. They’re considered the leading air solution provider and that is because they focus on energy and cost-efficiency.

They offer a variety of services for all of your maintenance needs they have many that fit different budgets. They also offer renewal services to renew and extend the lifetime and air quality of your existing units.

The Best Heating and Cooling: Make Your Decision

When considering a residential heating and cooling company for maintenance, you want to keep a few things in mind. Always look for a certified or credentialed company to do any maintenance work on the systems that you own.

You also want to be certain that they are insured. Try to go off of customer service ratings and always compare prices. It would also be beneficial if you searched through complaints of the company that you are considering.

Keep in mind that an initial evaluation of your home may also be necessary. You want to work with professionals that know that this is a key step before providing maintenance.

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