What Are Garden-Style Windows?


Farmers in the United States are sharing news that there could be a potential food shortage due to supply chain issues.

With food shortages in mind, people are looking for alternative options for feeding their families.

If you want to help keep food on the table, you should consider adding garden-style windows in the kitchen.

Continue reading to discover if garden-style windows are the right fit for your home and lifestyle!

Sustainability: Pro

One of the biggest reasons to consider garden-style windows is that they can help you live more sustainably.

These are popular window styles right now because they are giving people the power to grow fresh food in their homes. Growing food at home can help the environment since it reduces the total carbon footprint of the purchasing process at the grocery store.

Another advantage of garden-style windows is that they provide a place for plants to flourish. The more plants that people have in the home, the more purified the air becomes.

Cleaning: Con

Unfortunately cleaning these windows will be a bit more difficult than a standard option.

The advantage of getting extra space comes at the expense of having to reach in and wipe the windows and shelves. As long as you have a step ladder, you can easily clean these spots, especially if you are short.

Don’t forget to pull out each of the plants when you clean to ensure that mold isn’t growing.

Practical: Pro

Comparing the pros and cons of garden-style windows is only so helpful, sometimes you need to think about practicality.

If you like to cook with fresh ingredients and live in a cooler climate, these windows let you grow all year. By viewing this page, you can get one step closer to installing a practical feature in the home. These windows will make your kitchen space more purposeful and they maximize natural sunlight.

For people that buy plants, just to let them die (you know who you are), this space might not be practical for fresh plants. You can use this additional shelving for other purposes, however.

Installation: Con

Although the installation is no reason to call the project off, it would fall into the con category.

Since these windows aren’t a small addition to the frame, you will need to call the professionals. Once you get a team to quote your project, you can have a functional garden-style window within hours though.

Most people struggle to complete the project on their own since installation, materials, and time must get considered. Once the window is installed, it becomes a feature that can increase your home’s value.

Are Garden-Style Windows Right for You?

If you are wondering, “what are garden-style windows, and are they right for you?”, this article can provide insight.

Thinking about your habits and lifestyle will help you determine if these windows will be the right fit for your home. Not only do these windows give you additional shelving space, but you can let your lettuce grow all year.

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