What Are the Different Types of Commercial Floors That Exist Today?


The global flooring market is expected to reach $621.54 billion by 2028.

There are so many types of commercial floors in the market. The process of choosing a floor for your commercial enterprise may be overwhelming due to the ever-expanding industry. Commercial flooring materials are key drivers in the construction goods market.

Flooring for commercial use is different from residential flooring types. The former requires more durable materials because of the high foot traffic. Moreover, it would be best to have a floor that cleans up quickly and easily.

The right flooring for your company will also depend on the type of industry in which you operate. Whether you are going with the use, foot traffic, sanitation, or maintenance needs, there is always the right type for you.

The following are the major types of commercial floors available today.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are the types that come with different options for custom design. You can mix and match the squares of carpeting to bring out the unique patterns. They are best for soft floors therefore recommended for office spaces or play areas in your building.

This type of flooring option is recommended for a small business owner because it comes with a wide range of options. The tiles have different qualities; some are best for heavy foot traffic, others are not. Many carpet tiles feature moisture resistance, a quality that makes them easy to clean.

Apart from being visually appealing, they are also easy to maintain. The process is simple: you only remove and replace the damaged square with a new one. Therefore, when making an order, ensure you order more tiles than you need at that time.

Ordering more allows you to keep some as backups in case of damage.

Broadloom Carpet Floor

Companies that offer different flooring options must have a wall-to-wall carpet as one of their offers. Broadloom carpet comes in rolls that may be a low or high pile. They may or may not be water-resistant, but they feel softer underfoot than other options.

This type of flooring looks cohesive since it doesn’t show any seams. If you are looking to floor your acoustic room, you must consider the need for privacy. Broadloom can absorb sound in boardrooms during private conversations.

However, replacing a damaged part may mean that you replace the whole floor.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl tiles have never been one of the best flooring options since older versions were inexpensive and easily broken. However, the brand has offered commercial builders a new lease of life. It can be made from hardwood, stone, or ceramic that are easy to take care of, unlike authentic hardwood or tile.

When stained, you can use the usual mop or floor cleaner. LVT is water-resistant therefore suitable for moisturized floors such as restaurants, dining areas, or lobbies. One disadvantage is that your floor will not be seamless therefore not ideal for healthcare facilities and commercial kitchens.

Its quality may also vary, so go for the longer-lasting options of LVT.

Polished Concrete Floor

Lovers of shiny and attractive floors will consider polished concrete. It is a product of buffing the floor surface with polishing pads. Therefore, you will need floor buffing services to remove the imperfection and deliver a sheened floor upon installing a concrete floor.

The better the level of polishing, the shinier your floor will be. A polished commercial floor gives the owner that feeling of having the best. It is as reflective as some glasses used in buildings.

You let your floor withstand heavy foot traffic while doing little maintenance work.

In the long run, the labor-intensive work you did on your floor will give you the benefits of spending little to maintain your commercial floor. It may not be perfect in industrial settings because of the many spills or moisture.

Tile Floor

Tile flooring has many forms. Whether stone, ceramic, LVT, or composite tile, tiles are durable and budget-friendly. Some quarry tiles are highly resistant to heat and grease, while others are more durable.

It is a common type in the flooring industry.

However, compared to other commercial flooring choices, tile flooring is frequently labor-intensive. Vinyl composite tiles must be waxed and polished regularly. Grout used between tiles can break down fast.

Resinous Flooring

A resinous floor will be a good option for those looking for durable and low-maintenance flooring options. It is also a slip and chemical resistant option in different colors, finishes, and patterns. A good example is Metalix flooring which shines while offering great ability to withstand foot pressure and chemicals.

The resulting floor is seamless therefore leaving no space for pathogens to hide. Resinous flooring is the ideal type for commercial industries that require tough hygiene measures. It’s recommended for health care, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary industries.

The process of installing a resinous floor may be overwhelming as it involves using epoxy or urethane for basing. You’ll further wait longer for the base to cure before creating a seamless top layer. Depending on the type, you can add various layers to increase efficiency.

Additional membranes can improve water resistance and slip resistance. Other types can withstand thermal shock, making them suitable for areas with temperature fluctuations.

Learn the Various Types of Commercial Floors for Your Building Today

Whether you are constructing an industrial, modern, or luxury feel for your commercial space, you have flooring options that fit each situation. Remember that design and layouts are essential but only those that come with better functionality. Your choice among the different types of commercial floors directly impacts the users of the space.

Your employees, tenants, and clientele will appreciate it if you give them the best flooring. We hope our guide has added value to your future flooring decisions.

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