What Are the Different Types of Home Mirrors That Exist Today?


Did you know that mirrors came to be during the first century AD? Now, mirrors have evolved and are used for decoration and vanity.

There are also so many different types of home mirrors, which is why our guide is here to help. So if you want to learn everything about residential mirrors, then keep reading!

Different Types of Home Mirrors

When looking for the best home mirrors, you will often come across these three types:

  • Concave Mirror
  • Plane Mirror
  • Convex Mirror

For starters, a convex mirror has a protruding reflection. And a concave mirror has the reflection going inwards. Lastly, a plane mirror will have a flat reflection!

The Best Home Mirrors

Now that you know the different shapes of a mirror, you can start learning about the different styles. This is where your creativity can shine through, so get ready!

Clear Mirrors

A lot of residential mirrors will incorporate a clear mirror style. These kinds of mirrors will have a silver backing aka a two-way mirror.

Therefore, it will have a reflection on one side and a clear coat on the other. You can even purchase an ultra-clear mirror, by applying fewer iron particles. These kinds of mirrors look great in homes because they have a very pure and clear form!

Antique Mirrors

Mirror hanging can be hard but if you have the right mirror size, you’ll be fine! And thankfully, antique mirrors are the perfect size to hang a mirror. But you might be thinking where can I get an antique mirror.

Firstly, you can take some time to hunt one down at your local thrift store. However, this requires a lot of work and patience. Or you can a new antique-style mirror from a good mirror company.

This way, you’ll have that chic vintage look but you’ll still have a new product. Oftentimes, these kinds of mirrors are concave. This way, the reflection is more translucent. Overall, this kind of mirror is great for interior decorating since it adds a lot of character!

Silver Mirrors

Silver mirrors were very popular during the 18th century. However, back then the mirrors were colored with mercury or tin to give them that beautiful silver color.

But of course, we have since then stopped using these compounds since they are very dangerous. Now, the silver mirrors are made with aluminum and other safe compounds!

Round Mirrors

This mirror looks exactly how it sounds. Rounds mirrors are typically plane or concave since they’re great for decorating.

Usually, homeowners will place them on walls where more balance and dimension are needed! So if you want to complete a bare wall, consider a round mirror.

Squared Mirrors

Most square mirrors are also made with concave or plane reflection. These mirrors can be vanities or used for decorative purposes.

You’ll typically see these mirrors have a gold, silver, or white rimming!

The Best Mirror Does Exist

The best types of home mirrors can make your home pop by elevating the overall style. So whatever mirror you choose, make sure that it fits your style and needs.

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