What Are the Different Types of Home Windows That Exist Today?


Did you know that getting Energy Star windows for your home will help you save almost $600 on energy bills over the course of a year? There are many different types of home windows that are perfect for any area of your home. Each of these residential windows plays a role and adds great benefits to your home when it comes to natural light and overall appearance.

If you’re getting ready to remodel or replace the windows in your home then it is important that you know the different window styles on the market today that will help you to create a sustainable home. The good news is that you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about the best window types to choose for your home.

Continue reading to learn more about the best types of home windows to invest in.

Double and Single-Hung Windows

The most common type of window that comes to mind when people think of home windows is the single-hung home window. This window is named for the way that it works. A single-hung window is made up of two different parts. The lower part of the window has the ability to open by sliding upwards.

Double-hung windows work in a similar manner. They’re also made up of two different parts. The big difference with double-hung windows is that they can open from the bottom by sliding up or from the top by sliding down. This has a great advantage over a single-hung window because it makes cleaning your windows a breeze.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are another great option for any home when it comes to the different types of home windows. People like placing casement windows over their kitchen sink because they tend to be smaller and these windows open outward. In order to open a casement window, you’ll need to use a cranking mechanism that will swing the¬†window out and open.

These windows are versatile in that you can choose which side you want the hinge to be on. This means that the window can open outward and to the right or to the left depending on which works better with your home’s design. Casement windows are growing in popularity due to the improved cranking mechanism.

These windows came to prominence in the 80s but a crank that was difficult to use held them back. The newest iterations of the casement window are much easier to use so you can enjoy those crisp autumn breezes with no issues.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are some of the most picturesque types of windows available on the market today. They’re usually part of a larger design in your home that is designed to create extra space. These areas are often an extension of a living room or a bathroom and the wall will bow out towards the exterior of the home.

They offer a number of benefits that you’ll love for your home, especially if you have a nice vista to enjoy from your home and property. Bay windows are large and dramatic which means that you’ll have no shortage of natural light inside of your home, especially near your bay windows.

It is no secret that these windows are also perfect for allowing you to enjoy the beautiful views outside of your home with ease. You can relax and lounge near your bay windows and enjoy the view while sipping a hot cup of hot chocolate or coffee. You can never go wrong with investing in bay windows for your home.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are another great option if you want to enjoy and maximize your view of nature right outside of your home. Picture windows tend to be large in size which also provides the benefit of plenty of natural light allowed into your home. One thing that is different with this type of window is that picture windows don’t open.

These windows are large and stationary and it is best used with homes that have amazing views that you want large windows in order to capture them and enjoy them.

Awning Windows

Another neat type of window for your home is the awning window. The awning window is different from the other types of home windows in this article because it has a hinge at the top of the window. This means that the window opens upwards when you open it. These windows are perfect for places in your home where you want to let the breeze in and get more ventilation.

They’re a perfect choice for a loft or an attic in your home that needs ventilation from time to time.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are another popular window option with smart homeowners. These windows are perfect just about anywhere that you could want to place a window. They work similarly to a sliding door. They have two parts and one part slides on a track to the side in order to open the slider windows.

These are a great option if you own contemporary home and want to get new windows that match the rest of your house’s design. Slider windows provide the great benefit of coming in a wide variety of sizes so they’ll be perfect for wherever you want to install them.

Transom Windows

If you’re looking to add a bit of class to your home’s windows then you need to consider investing in transom windows. These windows are small windows that go on top of larger windows in your home. Transome windows work in a similar way to awning windows though most transom windows don’t open.

If you want to allow additional light into a part of your home like an office or a bathroom then you need to look into these great residential windows.

Start Shopping for These Types of Home Windows Today

It is never too soon to get started with looking that the best types of home windows for your home window upgrade. There are many great options that are perfect for any type of home. Bay windows and picture windows help to allow light in while capturing beautiful views. Slider windows and single and double-hung windows are perfect if you want to open your windows on nice days.

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