What Are the Signs You Need a New Mattress?


In the United States, there are over 35 million mattresses sold every year.

Over time and through regular use mattresses break down and become uncomfortable. Here are seven of the most common signs you need a new mattress. If you’re experiencing any of these, it’s time to consider making that purchase.

1. The Mattress Is Sagging

Over time the fabric that makes up your mattress will begin to fatigue. When this happens, you’ll notice that the mattress, usually in the center, starts to sag. This can make it very uncomfortable, as your back will sink deeper than your head or feet.

It isn’t always easy to notice immediately when your mattress starts sagging. Next time you change the sheets, feel around for a depression in the middle of the mattress. If your hand sinks in further than it should, you probably need a new mattress.

2. The Mattress Makes a Lot of Noise

If your old mattress makes a lot of noise when you get on or off of it, chances are it is structurally fatigued. The problem with that is that the support you need for a restful night is fading away. Buying a new mattress is the only way to solve this problem.

Having a mattress that makes too much noise can be distracting. You may find yourself having trouble staying asleep, or getting to sleep if each movement causes creaking and groaning.

3. The Mattress Has an Odd Odor

Our beds take a lot of abuse over the years of their life. Over time bacteria can build up in and on the mattress itself, and this will begin to create a smell. Sometimes you can go a long time before noticing it, but if you flip the mattress and it smells, chances are you need a new one.

There’s very little you can do about this problem because there aren’t a lot of cleaning methods for a mattress. On top of that, most of those leave a mattress wet, which can further break down an older mattress. Even the best mattresses can fall prey to bacteria build-up.

4. You Wake Up In Pain

Depending on the types of mattresses you prefer, the support they offer can vary considerably. As long as you’re comfortable, that’s fine, but over time you may begin to notice unusual aches and pains. A lot of this can be attributed to a failing mattress.

When the mattress begins to break down, the support for your body fails. This leaves you in a position where pressure can build up on various points of your body not used to this strain. That can leave you feeling like you have worked out when in reality all you did was try to sleep.

5. You Can’t Get Comfortable

If you’ve ever stayed in an old hotel bed, you know how this feels first hand. A lot about our bedrooms are designed to offer us comfort, but if the mattress needs replacing, it won’t be one of them. If you toss and turn trying to get comfortable every night it could be the mattress to blame.

As they age, mattresses can begin to get lumpy. The internal fabric and material can get bunched up or pushed around and form areas with more or less cushioning. This contributes to a sense of unease or discomfort in most people and can ruin your sleep.

6. Your Allergies Act Up

Allergies can be a real annoyance, especially at different points throughout the year. Did you know that your mattress can also be a problem? Allergens can build up in and on the mattress, even if you’re regularly changing the sheets, and thus exacerbate your condition.

If you’ve noticed that your allergies are acting up and can’t seem to pinpoint the reason why then consider the mattress. If you sleep elsewhere in your home, like on a recliner or couch, and your allergies don’t bother you, you may have discovered the culprit.

7. You Sleep Better Elsewhere

Sometimes as a mattress fails it will still work well enough that you barely notice any problems. However, if you find better sleep in a hotel or in a different sleeping arrangement, the mattress could be what is to blame. Sometimes even a little change can make a big difference.

This is due to the fact the breakdown of a mattress over time doesn’t often happen at a single event. It is a slow degradation of comfort and support, not a sudden failing. Even if you think your mattress is still fine, if you enjoy sleeping elsewhere more for comfort reasons, the mattress is the most likely problem.

Your Sleeping Arrangement

Sometimes changing a mattress doesn’t have anything to do with comfort or your ability to sleep all night. Sometimes things in our lives change and thus we are required to also change our sleeping arrangements. This can be expanding to a larger bed or getting a smaller one.

If your sleeping arrangements have changed, make sure that your mattress changes with them. You don’t want a mattress that is too small, that can be as uncomfortable as one that doesn’t support you properly. Replacing a mattress can be a big expense, so make sure you get what you need.

If you’re concerned about the amount that a new mattress will cost you, you can read more here at nolahmattress.com. A great mattress can make a world of difference in your life, so don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra on something great.

Watch for Signs You Need a New Mattress

If you’ve begun noticing signs you need a new mattress, then the time has come to start shopping. Don’t ruin the days or nights of your life by continuing on with the same old mattress.

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