What’s That Smell? 4 Signs You Might Need a Gas Line Repair


Did you know that over 50,000 people a year go to the emergency department because of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning? And the cause is often a gas leak inside their home or place of work. But unfortunately, most people do not know the signs of a gas leak until it is too late.

Gas leaks can be very dangerous when not repaired quickly, and they can lead to poisoning or even death. Do you think you might have a gas leak? If so, check out these four signs which might indicate you need a gas line repair.

1. Rotten Egg Odor

One of the top signs that you need a home gas line repair is the smell of rotten eggs in your house. While gas is odorless, an odorizer like mercaptan is added to give it a distinct smell that will alert you to gas leaks. If you smell rotten eggs or a sulfur-type smell, leave the building immediately and call a professional company to deal with it before it causes damage to your home.

2. Dead Houseplants or Rodents

Got plants that are yellow or dying all of a sudden? Or are you finding dead rodents around your property with no apparent cause of death? Then you may have a leak that is killing them and will need a gas line leak repair, stat.

3. Physical Unwellness

While ailing plants and expired vermin are signs of a gas leak, you may also feel physical symptoms as well. Frequent headaches, nausea, respiratory issues, and fatigue often point to carbon monoxide poisoning. if you have been experiencing these, don’t worry about the gas line repair cost–just get a professional company to come and fix it right away before it harms you and your loved ones.

4. Hissing Appliances May Mean You Need a Gas Line Repair

If you hear hissing sounds coming from your gas-powered appliances when you use them, it may be because of a leak in one of the lines and so you should get professional help immediately to check and see if that is the case. Gas leaks are dangerous and need to be dealt with right away to protect your health and safety. When in doubt, check out these services for both emergency care and routine maintenance.

Be Safe and Smart About Gas Leaks

Now that you’ve learned the top signs that you might need a gas line repair, you can take action if you recognize any of these on your property or place of business. Whether you need a home or commercial gas line repair, call a professional company to come out and assist you. Don’t ignore the signs, because it could put the health and safety of you and your family in jeopardy.

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