Which Are the Best Brisbane Suburbs to Live In?


Brisbane has 300 sunny days a year and is considered the sunniest city in Australia. There are many reasons to move to Brisbane, and the weather is certainly one of them.

Along with its sunny weather, Brisbane has a long history and rich culture, which makes it one of the top places to live. You may consider moving to Brisbane at some point, but you must first learn about the best Brisbane suburbs.

After all, you want to make sure you find the best neighborhood for you. The various suburbs in Brisbane all have something unique to offer, so it’s best to be prepared ahead of time before you decide to make the move.

If you’re interested in learning more and starting your journey to Brisbane, keep reading below.


Alderley is one of the most beloved Brisbane neighborhoods because of its beautiful tree-lined streets and proximity to the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD).

There are tons of high-quality schools in the area and easy access to public transportation.

Many young families are moving into the area, so the neighborhood is quiet and has a strong community feel to it. The area is very walkable and has tons of cafes and restaurants for residents to enjoy.


Ascot is an affluent suburb known for its long history of horse racing. Today, it has a village-like feel and a tight-knit community. You will find large heritage homes and tons of open grassland to explore.

It’s only a few miles northeast of the center of the city and is easily accessible by bus or train. Because you can find Racecourse Road in the middle of the neighborhood, residents have an abundance of shops, cafes, and restaurants to choose from.

With Hamilton next door, you can also explore the street food market that runs along the riverfront.


Paddington is considered one of the best Brisbane suburbs because it is within walking distance of the city center.

It is a historic neighborhood filled with workers’ cottages and Queenslander architecture, making it a charming place to live.

You can find antique shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, notable brunch spots, and more shopping spots than you’ll ever need. There is also easy access to public transportation and some of the most sought-after private schools in the area.

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point accentuates the Brisbane lifestyle, as it is surrounded by water on three sides but still has tons of city life to offer.

There are new modern apartments that draw in busy young professionals. You can find rooftop bars, restaurants, and shopping right in the middle, and there is easy access to South Bank.

If you’re someone that loves to be active outdoors, Kangaroo Point offers tons of bike trails, parks, and picnic spots to enjoy. It is the perfect mixture of outdoor life combined with city life.

New Farm

New Farm was once more affordable, but as it has become more developed and young professionals have moved in, the cost of living has risen in recent years.

With these higher prices, though, you get to experience the benefit of having both culture and convenience.

You’re right next to the Brisbane Powerhouse, so you’ll never be at a loss for entertainment. There’s also the New Farm Park on the riverside and tons of shops, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, bars, and a weekly farmer’s market right at your doorstep.


Ashgrove is considered one of the best places in Brisbane because of its quiet streets yet close proximity to the CBD. It has a community feel and is home to many young families and young professionals.

There are tons of 1920s Queenslander homes that give it a vintage look. You can find tons of bakeries, bars, restaurants, and shopping without having to go into the city.

You can quickly hop on the bus to get to the CBD or ride your bike on the scenic trails that transport you right into the center of the city.


Sandgate is a bit farther from the CBD with a 25-minute drive, but it contains all that is great about living in Brisbane. If you want to experience a more laid-back coastal lifestyle, Sandgate is the perfect suburb for you.

While it is still close to the city, it feels as if you have been transported into a sunny beach town. You will be able to experience the historic buildings and seaside villages, which contain some of the best seafood in Brisbane.

This sun-filled town has tons of open spaces for you to explore as well as an abundance of community amenities. If you’re feeling like having a coffee, stop by one of the cafes. Or, you can shop at one of the local boutiques or grab a meal at one of the many restaurants.

You have tons to choose from at Sandgate, and you can still swing by the city anytime you’d like.

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Discover the Best Brisbane Suburbs

Brisbane has so much to offer, which you can see by exploring the best Brisbane suburbs. No matter what you’re after—whether it’s city life, a quiet town, or a seaside village—you can find it in Brisbane.

Browse through these Brisbane suburbs today to find which may fit your lifestyle the best.

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