How to Become Spiritual in Daily Life: 5 Tips and Tricks


You eat healthy and nutritious foods, visit the psychiatrist once a week, and never miss out on a day in the gym — but have you looked after your spiritual health?

Many people do all the “right” things but still, have a feeling of emptiness. Several others are reluctant to embrace spirit because of religious dogma or bad experiences.

Learning how to become spiritual is more practical than you think.

When you feel balanced and joyful in your inner being, it informs the way you show up as a family member, professional, friend, and person of the world.

Keep reading so that you can learn spirituality tips you can use one daily practice at a time.

1. Center Your Spirituality Around a Meditation Practice

When you’re learning how to improve spirituality, meditation is your best bet.

It focuses on sitting still, breathing calmly, and overcoming your ego and roving mind. When you let your thoughts come and go, detaching from them, you’re more likely to get in touch with your spirit, which is your true self.

Around the world, it’s estimated that upward of 500 million people meditate. Even though not everyone approaches meditation from a spiritual standpoint, it all accomplishes the same thing.

You’ll lower stress and experience a sense of calmness and tranquility. Practicing meditation every day will help you to promote brain focus and feel at ease in your existence.

2. Build a Library of Spiritual Books

There have been countless books written throughout the history of time that can teach you how to become more spiritual. Become like a sponge so that you can take in information that can guide you on your spiritual path.

The Tao Te Ching is an ancient eastern philosophy text that discusses “the way”. You may also appreciate books such as “The Way of the Superior Man”, the Bhagavad Gita, the Holy Bible (and the Apocrypha), and countless others.

Allow yourself the chance to take what works for you and put the concepts into action, rather than having to make an identity out of the teachings. This way, you can use them and let the information jump out at you in times where you need them the most in your life and journey.

3. Learn About How Chakras Work

There are several different types of spirituality, and chakras have played a role in many of them.

Chakras refer to seven major spiritual energy centers in the body, located up and down the spine and corresponding with different organs and aspects of existence.

For instance, the root chakra, found at the base of the spine, corresponds with our grounding in the world.

Opening this chakra can help overcome problems related to security, money, and safety. The crown chakra, found at the top of the head, corresponds with our connection to God, higher power, or the true source that permeates existence.

The Hindus named these chakras, or “wheels”, which all have different colors and connections. Several other religions and spiritual systems throughout time have also studied the chakras.

For instance, Ancient African spirituality systems deal with them heavily, and biblical scholars have said that “7 churches”, God creating the world in 7 days, and the gift of the rainbow to Noah all allude to the chakra system.

Learning to unblock your chakras can help you get past issues related to money, sex, security, and so many other life needs. You’ll also be able to receive higher insights and feel more comfortable and at peace in your daily walk.

4. Speak to an Expert That Can Guide You Spiritually

Nothing in life happens in a vacuum. Spirituality is something that you can develop with the guidance and teaching of others on the path.

This can mean different things depending on what spiritual path you most identify with. For instance, you might find a pastor, a yogi, or a fellow spirituality seeker.

Consider joining a group where you discuss these matters with others so that they don’t just exist as thoughts in your head. Every human being that you interact with is like a spiritual leader that teaches you lessons.

You’ll learn more by interacting with others than you’ll ever learn simply by studying spiritual texts on a page alone.

You might also look into psychic predictions that can help you in your life.

5. Get Into the Habit of Journaling

Journaling is also one of the most practical daily practices that can also enhance your spirituality.

Stress is more able to run rampant in your life when you never find outlets of relief. Taking the time to fill up pages in your journal will get these thoughts out and help you to make sense of them, or release them.

Many people today deal with physical symptoms of stress, such as high blood pressure, physical pain, headache, and dizziness. Use your journal as a tool to help figure out the most pressing matters in your life, and to expound on spiritual teachings that you learn.

Learn How to Become Spiritual Using These Tips

These tips are worth your while when you’re learning how to become spiritual. Regardless of what aspect of spirituality you most identify with, recognize that this is a lifelong pursuit.

Use your spirituality as a way to help you in your journey, and above all, remain open to learning and experiencing it with your entire being.

Start with these words of advice and check out our other articles to build a strong foundation in your spiritual life.