How to Choose a Concealed Carry Gun


Are you looking to buy your first handgun?

Demand for guns continues to rise. The idea of protecting family and property is one of the main drivers behind the uptick in gun ownership.

Different types of guns are readily available, but learning how to choose a concealed carry gun is essential. Continue reading below for a guide:

Find a Trusted Gun Shop

Are you learning how to choose a concealed carry gun? If so, the best way to start is by finding a trusted gun shop. First-time gun buyers often have jitters.

Find a store with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Reputable gun shops can explain vital details without a condescending tone. They can guide and answer your challenging questions.

Focus on Form Over Function

When trying out the handguns, focus on form over function. There’s no one-size-fits-all firearm since people have different sizes of hands.

Get a feel of the gun and see if you can hold it with one hand without losing control. Check if you can pull back and lock the upper receiver without much effort.

Do your fingers reach the magazine with ease? Can you eject the magazine while holding the gun? Also, does your non-dominant hand interfere with your aim or operation?

If you have problems, the gun isn’t suitable for your upper body strength and hand shape.

Mind the Trigger

Find a gun with a good trigger feel. The trigger shouldn’t be too light or too heavy to pull.

Try to pull the trigger and see you don’t get finger cramps. When it’s too light, it can cause an accidental discharge. The poor gun design may also cause accidents even if the owner didn’t touch the trigger.

Pick the Right Caliber

Check if the gun has manageable recoil. A good firearm should be comfortable to shoot. The higher the gun caliber, the greater the recoil it creates.

Avoid high-caliber guns like the 40 S&W or .45 ACP. These guns are for people with large body builds. Instead, choose the .380 ACP round.

Test out the gun to see if you can put several rounds on target. The shots should also be quick and accurate. If you can fire those shots without worry, then the gun’s caliber is right for you.

Gun capacity is often a case of preference and comfort. A gun with more bullets is better for longer gunfights. The downside to guns with higher capacity is the weight.

If you want something lighter, carry a spare magazine with you.

Never Overpay

Lastly, don’t overpay for your handgun. The best concealed carry gun doesn’t always have to be the most expensive.

Set up a budget and get a gun you can afford. Consider all factors without compromising quality. As your skills improve, level up some of your gun’s features.

You may also use the savings to buy 1911 stag grips to improve the look and feel of different gun types.

Learn How to Choose a Concealed Carry Gun Now

Now you know how to choose a concealed carry gun. Use these tips to pick one for comfort and protection. You can streamline your options and get the best value for your money.

Go beyond learning how to choose a hand gun. Discover more helpful tips through our different blog posts.