How to Create Your Wedding Invitations?


When it comes to the most auspicious occasions in a person’s life, a wedding happens to be on top. A wedding is that occasion that people wait for their whole lives, with the prospect of marrying their beloved and getting a life partner.

People have multiple dreams concerning their special day and want everything to be picture perfect. From the decorations to the venue and clothing, they want everything to be as per their dreams. Are we missing out on something? Yes! Wedding invitation cards! Wedding invitation cards are like trumpets that declare the inception of this auspicious occasion. Here you might have reservations about what your wedding card should look like. Sometimes giving the responsibility to some third party does not meet the expectations. So, why not make your wedding invitations? 

You can make wedding invites with rsvp cards and get hold of a scintillating result. Provided you want to create your wedding card, the following are the things you can do;

Deciding The Right Time

Before designing the wedding cards, you should wait for the right time. The right time comes after the wedding dates and, especially the wedding venue, finds a decision. Naturally, couples tend to decide their wedding venue quite a few months before the wedding date. Such periods are the best to start your journey on the wedding card decisions. The sufficient time between the choice and the wedding date would give enough opportunities for mistakes and changes. Here you opt for wedding invites with rsvp cards to get that idea to formulate the best cards. 

How Will You Design Your Wedding Cards?

Designing wedding cards does not require you to be a graphic designer or some imaging expert. There are a few things that you need to have clarity about. Rest, some applications and websites will help you make your dream card a reality. Following are the things you must keep in mind while jacking up for the task;

The Quantity Required

Fixing, the number of cards you need, is necessary before you sit to design. The number required plays a huge role for detailed customizations to be possible. Consequently, you do not want your card numbers to fall short while sending out invitations. Thus, prepare a rough guest list and order a few more cards than the number of guests you found. This will keep you prepared for sudden situations.

 Figuring Out The Theme

The theme is the primary catch when it comes to customised self-made wedding invitations. Decide on the theme of your card, the pattern of colours, and the designs you wish to portray. Major criteria for deciding the theme should be the wedding season and the venue. Search for unique designs that will give you credible inputs to bring out the best design you could think of. Give priority to the possible ambience at the venue, like the programs scheduled on a special day, the food menu, and the decorations. Keeping such aspects in mind while making the card will inform your invitees about expectations. The excitement levels will run high, preparing themselves aptly, thereby enhancing the day’s ambience by manifolds. 

 The Styling Aspect

Here styling refers to the way your wedding invitation card would look like. You need to decide the font styling, letter size, and placement on the card that blends well with the design. The doubts you have concerning your style will answer the theme you decided. 

A classic wedding theme can have a simple styling with clear visibility and minimal colours. 

Consider the following aspects while working on the style;

  • Legibility.
  • Trying to match the card design with the envelope.
  • Starting with a base colour and borders, the font with some flamboyant embellishment.

 Card Size

Go for a standard card size that will allow all details and design properly. A smaller card would look congested with all the words and design. Now 5*7 seems to be a standard size that will allow you to fit all details.

When you sit to make your wedding card, keep the above aspects in mind. Wait to witness the beauty of your thoughts on paper.