How to Print Custom Rucksack and Backpacks to Promote a Brand


Both rucksacks and backpacks can be printed with a custom message to promote your brand. These are useful bags carried by hikers, students, workers, and many other people on a daily basis. So, if you are looking for an effective branding tool, one of these bags is the best to use.

Before getting into the details of how to print on one, it is worth mentioning the difference and similarities between custom rucksacks and backpacks. While both are carried on the back using two strong straps, rucksacks are much bigger and more rugged and preferably used for camping. On the other hand, backpacks are relatively smaller and more organised and ideal for carrying laptops, books, files, and work or school accessories.

How can you use these bags to promote your brand? We will tell you.

Choosing the Right Custom Rucksack and Backpacks

Before you order wholesale custom rucksacks and backpacks, you are required to choose the right bags to suit the needs of your target users. This will make it possible to promote your brand as well. The following considerations will help you choose the right bags.

The Design

If you want functional custom rucksacks and backpacks, choose the design carefully. Well, these bags use the same concept, but the design might differ. Some may have organisers in the main compartment and additional pouches on the side depending on the use. For instance, laptop backpacks should offer a compartment that securely holds the machine and keeps it protected.

The Size

While rucksacks are larger to carry hiking and camping gear, backpacks are slightly smaller to carry work and school accessories. Take this into consideration to choose the right bags.

The Colours

Would you like to use the colours of your brand? Alternatively, you can choose bags of neutral colours such as black, grey, or beige.

The Quality

All custom rucksacks and backpacks should be high quality and durable. The more people carry them around, the more your brand will be known.

Selecting the Right Branding for Custom Rucksacks

Reputable custom rucksack and backpack sellers usually provide the bags wholesale and print on them for you as well. This is the right thing to do to save on costs. RocketBags custom rucksacks and backpacks are printed for customers before they are delivered, which is very convenient.

However, you can buy the bags wholesale and have them printed elsewhere. Regardless, choosing the right message to print is the most crucial consideration. Here is what you can print.

Company logo

A clear and sufficiently large company logo is more than enough. Perhaps you have seen a lot of people carrying bags branded with a logo alone and quickly understood the message.

The Company Name

When a logo and the company name are printed on the face of custom rucksacks and backpacks, the message becomes even clearer. So, you might choose to combine the two for your bags as well.

A MessageĀ 

If you like, you can have a logo and a message or a slogan for your branded bags to communicate to your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Would you like to have very effective and efficient custom rucksacks and backpacks to market your brand? You now know how to choose the best. Your business can enjoy the benefits of this affordable promotional tool.