Important to keep the mind full of positive resolution


Who has seen tomorrow? Countless songs have been written on this subject, but the question remains the same, who saw tomorrow?  That is why today, this atmosphere is spread in everyone’s mind that I do not know what will happen.  What else now.  remains to be seen?  In such a situation, our priority should be towards our internal stability and strength.  If our self-confidence is strong, then an emergency situation.  Will you be able to compete against it?

Spirituality makes us see our self and makes us feel positive and strong.  When we are familiar with ourselves, then we can be comfortable with tens of thousands, because it is said that the one who can meet the eye with himself in the mirror.  The eye can be mixed with poison. 

 Therefore, we have to first identify ourselves, after that we will be able to know others and by supporting them, we can awaken the spiritual consciousness in them as well.  Many times we feel that the failure in life, our path to success.  She rushes open.  For example, when we fall ill, we get a golden opportunity to feel solitude, which we rarely get in everyday life. 

Similarly, when someone walks away from us with his affectionate farewell to this world, then our inclination to fulfill the lack of that relationship is devotion.  And we move more towards spirituality, as a result of which we get a new way to live life if seen, it is very painful to bear the disconnection of our intimate and closest affection, but by our newly awakened spiritual consciousness, we can overcome that suffering. 

Even the soul that is lightly bid farewell can make us feel cooperation and happiness with the vibrations of our peace and goodwill, if our mental.  The situation will be in a state of turmoil, then its effect will act to obstruct the journey after the death of our very soul. 

Therefore, in such circumstances, always awaken the memory in yourself that if we are sad, then it will increase the sorrow of others as well, that is why we have to awaken the powerful consciousness in others by reducing the grief of others through our emotional stability. 

 By doing this, we will feel empowered with others as well as ourselves and will be able to easily overcome the grief of our disconnection. 

 A strong and stable mind is essential for the present emergency situations, otherwise, there will be an atmosphere of despair and apathy around us, so it becomes the duty of all of us to keep our mind as positive as possible.  Keep the lamp full of hope and keep the lamp of hope within you and others as well, this is a simple way to get the world out of this emergency.  There are many options through which we can keep our minds with positive thoughts. Some of them are described below:

Surround yourself with positive people

We should keep our surroundings with positive people. So that if we are stuck. In our difficulties for problem having a negative spiral then talk to people who can put the thing into positiveness, they would not feed your negative thinking. Our surrounding people is necessary to our mindset because the impact of talks of the people who is the surrounding of us is most.

Strong your memory for positive information

Did you know you will be able to increase your positivity just by remembering the positive words? You should be strong in your memory with positive information like as you should have to think about positive thoughts with people. When you go to retrieve a word from your memory then positive memory can come at the top more easily.

Practice gratitude

there is one way to train your brain to focus on the positive thinking it is the practice of gratitude. When you feel or Express thankful for the people, things, and experience it is called gratitude. To increase the positivity in our mind, we are more grateful to our friends and partners for the little thing in our day to day life so that we find more satisfaction in our lives.

Read positive quotes

If you want to make our mindset with positive thoughts. Then we should read the positive quotes written by an unknown author, that was shared in a meditation class. When we read positive quotes then our bodies will full of positive energy this energy gives us positive thinking about our goal of life.


I did not do much of this during the weekend so I literally had to bring myself in front of a mirror and force myself to smile it really does help change your mood and relieve stress and keep away from the definitions. I also felt lighter because it takes your muscles to smile than to frown.

Positivity belongs to our self. You should smile in our lives for a single all little success it will push to our efforts that we have tried and get the thing. So to increase the positive in our mind we should be happy and keep a smile on our face.

Help someone

When we are helping someone then the other person will be happy with our help .it took my mind off of things. And I felt better for helping someone else. This increases the positive mindset and the negative thinking will be away from us.