Little Known Ways to Amplify Your Aura with Pocket Squares


A pocket square is a small piece of rectangular clothing usually inserted into the chest pocket of a jacket or blazer. It’s only an accent, but it can upgrade your look and make you ten times better looking!

It is often mistaken for a handkerchief, but men’s pocket squares and a handkerchief are two different things.

Pocket squares vs. handkerchief

A handkerchief is mainly used for its primary purpose: blowing your nose and wiping off sweat or stains from spilled coffee. But a pocket square is used for one thing: fashion.

The rules of pocket squares

You might think it is very simple to wear men’s pocket squares: fold then put them inside your pocket. But it’s way more than that! In case you didn’t know, there are proper ways on how to fold a pocket square.

Also, here are some rules for you to remember when wearing a pocket square:

  1. The colour of your pocket square must complement the colour of your shirt or tie. Neutral tones are the safest options, but you can also opt for something more playful and colourful.

But be careful with how you mix and match the colours and patterns of your pocket square to your whole outfit.

  1. Always keep it simple with the patterns. Although a patterned pocket square is also a good choice, be mindful of pairing designs with other styles and colours. Patterns are good if your suit has a plain, solid colour.
  2. But if your main suit has patterns, then pick something plain and simple for your pocket square.
  3. Some pocket squares are made from cotton, but others are silk. If you’re using a silk pocket square, choose a 16 x 16 inches size because silk is smooth and may slip down your pocket if they are smaller than the recommended size.
  4. If you want to play it safe, go with white. A white pocket square goes well with everything, and you don’t have to worry about mismatching it with your outfit.
  5. Fold your pocket square according to the occasion. As mentioned, you don’t just fold it any way you want; there are right ways to fold and insert it into your pocket.

Types of pocket square folds

There are numerous ways to fold it, but the three most common folds are the classic, one-point, and scallop folds.

  • Classic fold

With the word classic, you can never go wrong with this technique. 

  1. Fold your pocket square in half, then fold it up the bottom.
  2. Fold it lengthwise, matching the width of your pocket.  
  3. When you tuck it in your pocket, make sure to face the edges up.
  4. One-point fold

A one-point fold looks very stylish and unique. 

  1. Fold the square diagonally.
  2. Fold one edge in and across and repeat it with the other edge.
  3. Scallop fold

A scallop fold may be the most complicated among the three, but it is also another unique and classy way to upgrade your look:

  1. Similar to a one-point fold, fold it diagonally.
  2. Fold the triangle in half.
  3. Fold in the two corners.
  4. Put the fold inside your pocket with the pointed side facing down.

Wearing a pocket square will certainly make your outfit better than without. But remember to keep it classy and elegant with the proper folds, right fabric, and matching colours and patterns.