RU58841 Results: Does It Really Work?


Did you know that about 66% of American men will have some amount of hair loss by age 35?

Dealing with hair loss and hair thinning is not only annoying, but it can also be embarrassing for people that pride themselves on their hair. As someone that is dealing with this issue, you might be thinking about trying RU58841.

The RU58841 results speak for themselves, and there is a reason that so many people dealing with hair loss keep hearing about this medication.

If you’re curious to learn more about how this works and why it could help you, keep reading below.

How Does RU58841 Work?

RU58841 is an antiandrogenic medication that was first used as a treatment for acne and male pattern baldness back in the 1980s. You may have also heard it called PSK3841 or HMR 3841. Each of these is the same formula, but they are made by different companies that give them their own names.

This antiandrogenic medication is unlike others because RU58841 works specifically with your DHT receptors to block DHT from attaching. Other antiandrogenic medications will reduce (or completely block) the development of DHT and testosterone in the body, which can lead to other issues unrelated to your hair loss.

Knowing where to buy RU58841 safely is important to make sure you’re getting the real thing. Always check the seller to make sure that you’re getting RU58841 that will actually work for you. People have reported great success with this compound for halting hair thinning.

How to Apply RU58841

It’s easy to apply RU58841 to your scalp. It’s a good idea to try and apply the medication after you’ve washed your hair and skin in the shower. Sebum, which builds up on the scalp over time, will reduce the effectiveness of RU58841.

You’ll measure out 50mg of the medication to apply to the areas that are affected by the hair loss. Once you’re ready, you can apply it to the scalp and gently rub it in to coat the area evenly.

Let it dry completely before you touch it.

Are There Any RU58841 Side Effects?

There are not currently any longitudinal studies with RU58841 yet, so we aren’t sure about what types of side effects most people may experience. The only way that we know of the potential side effects of this medication is through personal testimonials of people that have used it.

Every person is different, so the chances or likelihood of you developing any side effects are unknown at this point. As a result, you should always exercise caution when using this medication.

Some of the side effects that users have reported include:

  • Skin irritation
  • Low mood
  • Fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Difficulty sleeping

Because this medication hasn’t been thoroughly tested and studied, it’s hard to say if all of these side effects were directly related to the use of RU58841 or not.

Experience the RU58841 Results Today

There are plenty of people that have had great success with their RU58841 results. If you’re suffering from hair loss and are worried that nothing else seems to work, it may be worth a try! Remember to proceed with caution and pay attention to any changes in your body that may be potential side effects.

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