Senior Rentals: How to Attract and Retain Senior Living Residents


As advances in modern medicine and quality of life continue to improve, more people are making it to an advanced age. A recent study found that the senior population will nearly double over the next three decades to reach about 90 million.

Due to this, the demand for senior rentals will rise along with the expectations of senior living residents for high standards. To stay viable in a growing market, it’s important that you not only attract residents but retain them.

So continue reading to learn some tips on how to keep residents happy and achieve success.

Make a Place Like Home

Moving from one’s home to a senior community can be tough. But, you can make this transition easier and keep more tenants long-term by creating a space that reminds your elderly tenants of home. A simple way to do this is by providing plenty of soft furnishings.

This should include rugs and cozy chairs. And don’t forget alternatives to overhead lighting, like sconces, table lamps, and plenty of natural light.

Houseplants are one more home-like touch that can easily be added and will bring health benefits to your seniors. A 2015 study found that indoor plants reduced physiological and psychological stress. This can be a great boon to those with mobility issues or who have trouble getting outside.

Additionally, many senior renters are moving in from a vibrant community of neighbors and friends and will not be happy in a location that doesn’t offer that same vitality. So make sure that your residence features a robust social calendar.

Offer Exclusive Amenities

If you want to stand out when advertising senior living residences, you should offer unique amenities.

This can be as simple as having a stylist or barber set up shop a few days a week where residents can get their hair dyed, cut, and just be pampered. Or, another much sought-after amenity is the availability of pet-friendly rooms, so if possible, consider allowing seniors to bring their fur babies.

Retool Marketing for Success in Senior Rentals

Owning and operating quality senior rentals isn’t enough; you have to get the word out. When crafting a marketing plan, you should remember that senior residents don’t research and make decisions alone. Instead, adult children are often on board for the whole process.

This means that relying on print materials and not investing enough into your website or SEO can severely diminish your reach. For more ideas on how to attract new residents, check out senior living marketing at senioroi.

Retaining Residents Makes for a Thriving Senior Living Community

Resident retention is more than dollars and cents. If your homes experience constant turnover of employees and seniors alike, there is no opportunity for bonding or community. But when you invest in your senior rentals and your residents are happy, you will have achieved a senior residence that thrives.

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