The Most Common Types of Cigar Flavors


As of 2020, cigar imports reached over 361 million.

With so many cigar options available, how do you narrow your search for the best cigar flavor?

If you’re starting to smoke cigars or are looking to change from your usual flavor, deciding which cigar to choose can be overwhelming.

Keep reading to learn about the most popular types of cigar flavors and which type is best for you.

Wood Flavored Cigars

Cigars are commonly defined with plant and wood-tasting elements.

Cedar is one of the most popular wood notes found in cigars. These notes can be found in mild to full-bodied cigars. This is because a cedar flavor combines naturally with cigar boxes.

Most cigar boxes are constructed with cedar. Cedar is effective in aging cigars and doesn’t hold moisture, perfect for reducing humidity in cigar boxes. Since cigars sit in boxes for long periods of time, they take on a cedar flavor.

Oak and hickory are other common notes found in types of cigar flavors. Overlapped with tea and other plant-based notes, these cigars combine well with the cedar taste cigars naturally take on from their containers.

Cigars With Sweet Notes

Sweet notes combine beautifully with the natural tobacco flavors of cigars.

Some of the most popular sweet notes are cocoa, maple, dark chocolate, and syrup. To achieve an even sweeter flavor, some cigar producers will soak the wrapper leaf in cognac barrels.

Once the leaf has been soaked to retain the sweetness of cognac, more bittersweet notes like chocolate are added to compliment it.

Coffee Flavored Cigars

Tobacco products pair well with coffee because each taste is determined by the climate in which they are harvested. Coffee can serve as a more bitter note or add a hint of creaminess.

Coffee notes in a cigar coincide with the intensity of the cigar. If a cigar is full-bodied, it may include notes of black coffee or a shot of espresso. Mild cigars usually include notes of coffee and cream or lightly roasted beans.

Cigar bars, such as Drew Estate Cigars, typically serve beverages such as coffee because it compliments the natural taste of tobacco so well.

Cigar Flavors With Nutty Notes

Nut-flavored cigars are a popular choice for cigar smokers looking for a more mild cigar. These blends may contain notes of chestnuts, almonds, cashews, and walnuts. Nuts such as those add a layer of creaminess to the cigar taste while remaining earthy and natural tasting.

A more medium to full-bodied cigar typically includes notes of smoked nuts. Smoked almond is a popular choice that adds that nutty flavor without reducing the intensity of the cigar.

Types of Cigar Flavors For You

Smoking a cigar is much more than just tasting tobacco. Cigars contain varying notes that completely differ based on the cigar producer.

Finding the right types of cigar flavors for you is all about deciding which notes compliment the taste of the tobacco the best. Visit a cigar bar or experiment with several different cigar brands that source their ingredients from different regions to find the brand that best suits your taste.

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