The Most Unusual and Interesting Flavours of Vape Liquid


In 2014, before you had even heard the first whisper of the word ‘furloughed’, the Oxford English Dictionary announced the word ‘vape’ as their word of the year.

The vape industry is moving smoothly and steadily from strength to strength, and the availability of more unusual, interesting, and exciting flavours is simultaneously growing just as exponentially.


Ye, you read that right. Bacon.

Now admittedly, out of the vaping world and into the breakfast foods world, bacon is an absolute king; delicious, mouth-watering, and simply divine. In e-liquid, however, it is, perhaps, a slightly different and significantly stranger story. One of the only advantages of using bacon flavoured e-liquid is it provides you with the mouth-watering taste of Britain’s favourite breakfast item without the copious fats, shed-load of calories, and high cholesterol-inducing deliciousness.


The wide variety of beer and ale flavoured e-liquids available on the UK market today is totally mind-blowing. Whether you are more of an avocado-loving hipster, who only drinks organic pale ale, or a lager-loving lad about town, all types and niches of beer and spirits are catered for in the vape juice world.

Just be sure you do not get yourself confused between the two. If you have been vaping for a while now, you will be fully aware of how utterly unpleasant it is when even a tiny drop of e-liquid finds its way onto your tongue, let alone an entire mouthful.


CBD e-liquid is essentially a small portion of CBD oil expertly mixed with e-liquid, which, when combined together with PG or VG, creates a beautiful, naturally flavoured vape juice that even allegedly purports to produce a few possible health benefits as well.

If purchasing e-liquids infused with CBD, be sure to purchase from an established and expert supplier such as, where the sheer range and exceedingly competitive prices will fill all your CBD-based vape juice expectations.


The range of coffee flavoured vape juices available on the UK market today is extensive and fascinatingly addictive. Coffee e-liquids are the perfect way for vapers to experience the sweet and alluring aromas of coffee without actually having to drink a cup. Coffee vape juices have always been a favourite amongst the vaping community, and the range of flavours keeps on expanding. From latte and espressos to fancier flavours such as vanilla cappuccinos, every coffee-lovers needs are catered for.

Birthday Cake

An obvious yet still exceedingly witty and hilarious birthday present for the seasoned vaper in your life would be a multi-pack of birthday cake vape juice which will always hit the spot.

Incredibly, deliciously sweet birthday cake vape juice tastes exactly like you imagine that it would. Definitely only for those vapers amongst you with a sweet tooth, this e-liquid tastes of butter, icing, and good old-fashioned sponge cake and really is a vape taste sensation.

Although having said that, maybe they would appreciate a real birthday cake just as much.