11 Facilities that a good hotel must have


When you are traveling for any purpose, accommodation becomes a very important decision because at the end of the day you need your room where you can rest. Therefore, you should select the best hotel and room so that you can have a comfortable stay when traveling outside your home town. Everyone prefers the hotel which provides the best services, has a comfortable room with good ambiance, and provides various standardized amenities which give you a first-class experience. You can find all these services and have a great experience at DoubleTree by Hilton New DelhiThe hotel is at a central location of the city and many prominent areas are easily accessible. The facility of airport transportation is also provided adding to your convenience.

Everyone wants some basic features in a hotel along with other services that can make their stay comfortable. Do proper research before selecting the hotel. You can book your room on various booking sites after comparing the prices and choosing the best deal. Ensure that the hotel you choose meets the following standards-

1. Clean and hygienic

The hotels must hold a standard of hygiene and cleanliness. Since the rooms are used by several guests, the hotel staff should ensure that they provide cleansed room and bathroom to the next guests staying over. During times of a pandemic, the rooms should be properly sanitized to avoid any spread of the virus. Bed sheets should be regularly washed and toilets should be disinfected clearly to avoid any cross-contamination of germs. 

2. Quality of beds

When you have traveled for the whole day and return to your hotel room, all you want is a comfortable bed to sleep on. Ensure that hotel has comfortable beds which are of good quality and are well maintained. You can also select the room on basis of the size of beds like queen size or king size. You can confirm the quality of beds online through the customer reviews or you can contact the hotel for the same.

3. Answer phone in time

The hotel reception should answer the phone in time. Guests can contact the reception for any additional services like ordering food, or for any medical emergency, or to enquire about any other service. The hotel must be able to cater to the needs of the guests without any delays. There must be a person assigned to attend phones to provide the best service to guests.

4. Security

Security is a main concern of the guests while staying at the hotel. People want to stay at a safe hotel. The hotel should have a good security system in place. With the development of technology, many advanced security systems are available these days. CCTV cameras must be installed at main spots and security guards should be employed to avoid any breach in the security. This will build the trust of the guests and they can stay without stressing about the security.

5. No foul smell

The hotel room you are staying in should be aromatic. Any foul smell will only lead to a bad experience. Several hotels use different types of fragrance for their rooms which provides a memorable experience to their guests. You can check the reviews of guests on the website of the hotel or other booking websites.

6. Timely service

Ensure that the hotel provides timely room service. You do not want to wait for a long time and sit hungry when you have ordered the food. Check the reviews of other guests who stayed at the hotel. If they are satisfied, it means the hotel provides quality services. 

7. Ambience

The hotel should have a good and beautiful interior. The rooms should be painted along with regular repair and maintenance of the rooms and bathrooms. Any room with damp walls or bathroom with leaking toilets or shower won’t be preferred by the guests as it will cause inconvenience. There should be proper lighting in the rooms and bathrooms as inadequate lighting can cause a lot of issues.

8. Source of entertainment

If you are going to stay for a long time, then you need some source of entertainment. There should be a television in your room. Apart from that, some hotels have a gaming center, swimming pool, and fitness center. You can take advantage of these facilities and rejuvenate yourself.

9. Free Wi-Fi

Many hotels provide the facility of free Wi-Fi to their guests. This allows the guests to watch anything on their electronic devices. People who are on business trips or have to attend any conference or meeting can take advantage of this service. The Wi-Fi should provide a strong signal and connectivity to avoid any kind of interruption in the streaming of movies or business meetings of the guests.

10. Good food experience

The availability of tasty cuisines and exotic beverages can level-up the experience of guests staying at the hotel. People prefer to eat at a hotel if they are staying for business trips or vacations. It is becoming necessary to have all-day and convenient dining options. Some rooms even have a minibar with exotic drinks.

11. Check-in and Check-out

Various hotels provide the facility of early check-in and late check-out. This can be very convenient. Some hotels charge extra for this service and some do not charge at all. You can check this online or contact hotel directly. Some hotels even provide the experience of online or contactless check-in and checkout. 

Whenever looking for a hotel to stay at, always check the above facilities in the hotel. You can get all the details online on the hotel’s website or booking websites. You can also review the experiences of other guests online. You will have a splendid experience at DoubleTree by Hilton New Delhi. The high-class services, the beautiful ambiance, various sources of entertainment, meeting rooms for people on a business tour, and several other amenities will make your experience memorable at this hotel. So, if you are staying in New Delhi, do give us a chance to give you the best experience.