5 Amazing Reasons for Visiting Costa Rica


Are you considering going on an adventure of a lifetime to Costa Rica?

Good news then! Because we wrote this article for you!

You’re not the only one planning a trip to Costa Rica this year. Over 1.7 million people visit this slice of paradise every year. Most of Costa Rica’s tourists come from the United States.

So, why are millions of people visiting Costa Rica year after year?

Continue reading until the end to find out!

1. The Great Outdoors

As of 2022, there are 32 national parks in Costa Rica and hundreds of woodlands and nature reserves. These lush natural wonders seem like the setting for Jurrasic Park.

But it’s not all forests and towering trees. Costa Rica has stunning beaches lining the Atlantic and Pacific coastline. Its 800 miles of coastline is dotted with golden and white sandy beaches for relaxing or surfing.

If that wasn’t enough nature, there are 67 volcanos here. Some are listed as the best hikes in South America.

2. Adventure and Activites

The mixture of great outdoors and thrill-seeking activities makes Costa Rica a real adventure.

On the ground, you can book tours for off-road driving, rafting, horse riding, and much more. You have to book most of these activities through specialized tour companies.

In the sky, you can zipline over the jungle and take in the breathtaking views. Or tick off one of the most popular bucket list items, a bungee jump!

3. Budget Friendly

When a country is cheap to visit, you can stay in better accommodation and experience more activities. Not to mention the money you save on food and drink.

It is slightly more expensive than other central or south American countries. That’s because the country has much better facilities and excellent tourism infrastructure.

San Jose is the capital and most expensive city. But you can still find a double hotel room for only $12 a night! What can you buy for $12 back in your town?

4. The Weather and Climate

Without the glorious sunshine or rain showers, you wouldn’t enjoy the picturesque countryside as much.

The nation has a tropical and subtropical climate. It is nice and warm all year round, and the further south your venture, the warmer it becomes.

January is the coldest month in the US, but it’s the warmest month in Costa Rica. The country has average highs of 88°F and average lows of 77°F. This warm period lasts around three months.

The coldest month is July. Temperatures range from a pleasant 53-57°F.

5. The Resorts

Costa Rica allows you to sleep in the jungle while surrounded by rustic luxury. But the best part is even though you seem lost in a jungle, it’s completely safe. That should always be your number one priority for every journey.

But it’s not only jungle and rustic vibes in the resorts here. You can find high quality for rock bottom prices or indulge in chic mega-resorts. If luxury is your thing, click here for more info.

Make the Most Out of Visiting Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica is on most people’s bucket lists. So if you have the chance to come here, make sure you snatch at the chance!

So clear your schedule for the night and start planning your adventure!

And if you want to learn travel tips to make your journey run smoother, continue reading our blog!