5 Reasons to Consider Moving to Texas


Are you part of the 13% of Americans that will end up moving this year? If so, it’s worth taking extra time to be thoughtful about where you want to put your roots.

If you have full control over where you’re relocating, we recommend considering moving to Texas. But just what does the Lone Star State have to offer? We’re glad you asked.

Read on to learn more about some of the reasons you might love living in Texas.

1. It’s Affordable

As housing prices have skyrocketed around the country in the past year, Texas real estate remains relatively affordable compared to other places around the country.

Median home prices in major Texas cities like San Antonio and Houston are lower than in other cities and, perhaps best of all, there’s no state income tax. So, you’ll get more bang for your buck when you move to Texas. Start exploring housing options by visiting granburyrealty.com.

2. The State Has Something for Everyone

The famous saying, “everything is bigger in Texas” is popular for good reason. Since the state is so large, there are different regions within it that appeal to just about everyone. From bustling cities like Dallas and Austin to the slow pace of life in the hill country and the eye-catching bluebonnet season, you’re sure to find something you love in Texas.

The state is also famous for its natural beauty ranging from stunning canyons to miles of beaches on the Gulf Coast and everything in between.

3. It’s Hard to Beat the Food

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Then you’ll absolutely love the eats in Texas. Known for its world-famous BBQ, you’ll enjoy a variety of brisket all over the state. There are well-known BBQ joints in virtually every city, or you can find a hidden gem of your own by exploring some lesser-known restaurants.

Prefer Tex-Mex food to BBQ? Well, get ready to have some of the best tacos, chips, and salsa that you can find in the United States. When it comes to great food, no place does it quite like Texas.

4. There’s an Exciting Sports Scene

Do you love to spend your free time cheering on local sports teams? There’s no shortage of professional teams in the Lone Star State. If you like football, you’ll love attending a Cowboys or Texans game. Prefer basketball? Cheering on the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, and Houston Rockets may be more your speed.

Or, skip the more mainstream sports and attend a Texas classic, like a rodeo.

5. It’s a Warm Weather Haven

If you’re looking for a place where you can enjoy the weather year-round, Texas is for you. Throughout most of the year, the state boasts mild weather, with very warm summers that are perfect for spending time outside.

Most of the state gets little to no snow during the winter, so you can enjoy plenty of sunshine, no matter what month it is.

Consider Moving to Texas

After reading through this guide, we hope that you have better clarity on whether moving to Texas is the right choice for you. Do some research on some of the best places in Texas to help you choose the best region for your needs.

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