5 Tips for Picking the Right Moving Company Service


Maybe you get a job in another city or state. Maybe you just decide that you’ve had enough of long winters and need a change of pace. Whatever the motivations, each year sees approximately 40 million people move in the US.

While a move can prove a time of excitement, it’s also a lot of work. You must pack everything up, secure a new place in your destination, and get all of your stuff there. While some people take a 100 percent DIY approach, many people opt for moving company service.

If you haven’t used one before, though, how do you pick the best moving company for you? Keep reading for five tips on making the right choice.

1. Recommendations

When it comes to moving companies, you should ask around for recommendations. Firsthand knowledge is often the best source of information about things like customer service. People who use a moving company can also give you some insight into how carefully or carelessly the company treats belongings.

2. Reviews

You can do a little secondary confirmation of the recommendations with a look at some online reviews for the company. Don’t fixate on one bad review. Even the best businesses get a bad review now and then.

Look for patterns in the reviews, good and bad. Those patterns will give you a good idea of what to expect from a moving company on a normal day.

3. Services Offered

Moving companies provide different services, which means you must look at their service offerings carefully. For example, the best moving company in town — in terms of ratings — might also only do local moves. If you need a cross-country or interstate move, that doesn’t help.

If you want a company that also does packing, you will need to narrow your search by that service.

4. Availability

Moving companies are often booked solid well in advance, particularly during the busy season of late spring to early fall. It won’t matter how great the company is or how good the reviews it gets if they can’t fit you into their schedule. You should start looking to book moving services as soon as you know you’re moving.

5. Cost

Moving is also an expensive proposition. That doesn’t mean you should overpay for things. Look for an affordable moving company.

A good moving company will provide clear rates. Most will also come out, look over your home, and offer an estimate based on your needs.

Selecting a Moving Company Service

Selecting a moving company service hinges a lot on doing your homework. Ask other people who have moved recently for recommendations. Check the reviews for the company online.

Make sure the company actually provides the services you want, which they should list on their website. Call them up and ask about their availability and, of course, their rates. You should also ask about insurance and licensure, although that information also typically appears on their websites.

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