6 Best Bacolod Tourist Spots


Dubbed as the ‘City of Smiles’, Bacolod is the capital of the Negros Occidental Province in Philippines. Most tourists relate to Bacolod for its MassKara Festival but the city has much more to it. Bacolod prides itself for its unique cuisine, friendly locals and scenic beauty.

Traveling to the ‘Sugar Capital of Philippines’ and exploring many of Bacolod tourist spots is an experience of a lifetime. Wondering why you should visit Bacolod? Well, here is a comprehensive list of all the best Bacolod tourist spots to visit in 2020.

List of Bacolod Tourist Spots for travelers  

1. Sip on a San Miguel at the Tawhai Floating Bar 

The Tawhai Floating Bar is one of the best Bacolod tourist spots for anyone looking for a scenic and luxurious place to relax. It is the perfect place to kickback on your vacation as the music keeps pumping and the drinks never stop flowing. You could choose to try the national drink of the Filipinos which is San Miguel, a 100 year old beer. 

2. Journey to the Past at the Ruins of Talisay 

This architectural masterpiece remains one of most photographed Bacolod touristspots. Although the mansion was partly destroyed in World War II, it continues to be a sight to behold. Don Mariano LedesmaLacson built the mansion in memory of his lost love and hence is also called the ‘TajMahal of Negros’. 

3. Balaring Mangrove: A Testament of Will Power

The Balaring Mangrove is proof that mankind can preserve nature with the right education and willpower. Covering an area of 50 hectares, this project was set in place to protect the coastal area and prevent a storm surge and climate change issues. 

The Mangrove forest begins with a 500 meter bamboo bridge leading to cottages and a 30 foot tall watchtower. The locals are very well educated about Mangroves, so if you have any queries you need only ask. One of the best Bacolod tourist spots is on top of the watchtower which gives an excellent panoramic view of the Guimaras Strait. 

4. Carbin Reef: Experience the Wonders of Nature 

Believe it or not, the Carbin Reef is a tongue shaped white sandbar that looks like something out of a dream. Most tourists need to see it to believe it, making it one of the most sought after Bacolod tourist spots. 

Although diving is discouraged due to the shallow water, snorkeling and swimming is allowed. However, the reef can accommodate only 100 people at low tide conditions. Among the 100 slots, 70 are reserved for advance booking and 30 slots are kept for walk-ins. It is recommended to book your slots in advance to avoid missing out on this glorious adventure. So if you are all excited about booking cheap flights to Bacolod, then can proceed to book it.

5. Rejuvenate Your Soul at the PulangTubig Falls

Preserved nature is truly a beautiful sight to behold and the PulangTubig Falls assures exactly that. The trek to the falls is pretty demanding but the reward is an unexplainable scenic view that awaits you. You can hire a guide to take you through the grueling zigzag trek but all will be worth it. 

Once you reach the magnificent waterfall, take a minute to hear the roar of the water as it crashes into the river. Nature buffs from all over the world vouch for PulangTubig Falls as one of the best Bacolod tourist spots. 

6. Mambukal Mountain Resort 

Those of you looking for a nature-based resort with waterfalls and volcanic hot springsMambukal Resort is the place to be. The highlight of this Bacolod resort is the descending of 7 waterfalls. The water stream flows through the middle of the resort and the boating lagoon.    

If you plan on taking the risky yet worthwhile trek to the top of the mountain remember to hire a guide at the foothills. The natural beauty surrounding this Bacolod resort is full of surprises from four different species of flying foxes to a colorful butterfly garden. 
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