6 Key Benefits of A Solo Road Trip


Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you’d never thought you could do, is the best indication of growth. Travelling offers you lots of opportunities for self-discovery, especially when you go on a solo trip.

Traveling on your own, however, sets you up for an adventure like no other activity would. It’s a mix of exciting and scary as you veer off into unknown territory, oblivious of what will happen next. It’s the ultimate shot of adrenaline if you’re an adrenaline junkie.

Google trends data say that travel is up by 761.15%, and this goes to show you how people are overcoming fear and seeking solo travel opportunities for new experiences and growth.

If you’ve wanted to travel alone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. It will be more beneficial to go out alone than with a companion(s). So, with that said, here are six benefits of riding solo on a trip.

It’s A Chance to Know Yourself Better

When you’re out there, all alone with your thoughts, you get an opportunity to look inwards. And during your journey of introspection, you’ll understand who you are (if you haven’t already) and what you’re capable of.

Traveling alone exposes you to new challenges you have to solve on your own, and throughout your trip, you’ll develop qualities of independence and self-motivation. As you wander with purpose on your chosen path around the globe, you will explore different places and people, and that will also shape your individual growth.

Traveling Alone Is Perfect If You Want To Leave Your Comfort Zone

Going to unfamiliar places will change you to grow and learn how to get out of sticky situations by yourself.

Think about it— the comfort bubble of your home is no longer in the picture, and you have to go out of your way to fend for yourself in ways that are uncommon to what you’re used to. These experiences will undoubtedly test your patience and level of perseverance.

You can only experience this by putting yourself out there, and although you may face challenges such as unwelcoming locals, or long hikes in the mountains, you’ll more or less be alright.

These experiences will put to the test your ability to overcome challenges and help you into the model individual you’ve always wanted to be.

It’s A Chance to Boost Your Confidence

Being alone on a trip is a challenge by itself. All the things you have to plan and organize by yourself, such as camping equipment and supplies, then pack them onthe truck roof rack of your vehicle, will show you that there’s nothing you can’t achieve if you set your mind to it and keep going.

By taking a solo trip, the many experiences and adventures you have may, in turn, make you more confident. Traveling alone will not only challenge your limits but will also improve your ability to deal with obstacles. If you emerge successfully, you’ll not only be a stronger person; your self-confidence will be through the roof.

Traveling Alone Means Your Get to Decide Your Expenditure

Going out on your own may not necessarily be cheap, but you get to spend your money on the activities you want. Budgeting on a solo trip is much easier because you decide where you’ll stay and what to eat.

You also get to save up some money you could use later on for adventure activities such as zip-lining, skydiving, rafting, or bungee jumping.

If you’ve traveled with a group of friends before, one or two may be inclined to stay in 5-star hotels or eat in Michelin-starred restaurants. There’s nothing wrong with that, but most times, you may be going over budget to make them happy.

Budgeting is often the most challenging part of traveling, and it gets more complex when you accommodate other people’s preferences over yours. Being on alone trips means you have total control over your budget and how you’re going to spend it.

You’ll Develop Ace Problem-solving Skills and Become a Decision-Maker

While you’re on your solo trip, you’ll encounter bumps along the way and have to make some tough decisions. Since you have no one to rely on but yourself, your problem-solving and decision-making skills will be put to the test.

You have to think quickly and, on your feet, and as you do this often, you become better at it and develop some of the essential skills you need to lead a wholesome life.

You’ll learn a language much faster

If learning a new language has been itching you, take a solo trip. It will help you achieve this goal. How? Well, if you’ve got travel companions on your trip, it will always be easier to default to your native tongue.

Still, if you’re going out alone, you won’t have an option but to learn the local dialect for information purposes and casual conversation.


Traveling alone isn’t on the bucket list for everyone out there. However, it’s an incredible, memorable and educational experience, and that’s precisely why you should do it at least once in your life.

Traveling by yourself will teach you things you won’t learn anywhere else. The time you spend by yourself will endow you with knowledge and independence that no one can take away from you.