Attabad Lake: The Lake Created By Disaster


Attabad Lake – aahh… the absolute first thing that makes you wild about it is the crazy shade of the water. I had consistently thought it was either the photography or the video altering abilities that caused it to show up so brave. Be that as it may, I was paralyzed by seeing the wonder with my unaided eyes! I needed to remove my shades to ensure if it’s not the shades sway. Blast! It was a genuine dream! Indeed, it’s the observing mysterious greenish-blue shade of the water that surpasses the magnificence of the whole scene. It’s the ideal picture of your ever-most loved spot in fantasy land.

Do you know what’s the mystery behind this wonderful magnificence? It’s the magnificence of debacle that occurred on Jan 4, 2010, bringing about the making of the common dam because of blockage of River Hunza stream. The monstrous avalanche uprooted numerous towns in Hunza Valley, and even lowered 19km fix of Karakoram Highway, which in the long run abandoned the locals since no nourishment or medication could be shipped for a long time, halfway in view of awful climate conditions.

Truly, it’s was an underhanded fiasco that covered 20 individuals, and grabbed the bliss of the inhabitants. Simultaneously, it’s the message of peacefulness after tempest, light in dimness, and expectation hopelessly. You can feel the tranquility in the waves, unheard quietness noticeable all around, and the greatness of the pinnacles that stand tall encompassing it as though they are guarding their excellence they brought forth, and no monster can set out demolishing it.

How to go Attabad Lake and When?

The best time to visit that spot is Summers (June – Mid September) or early Autumn. Since there would be no day off you can have the benefit of contacting through the transmitting water.

Well once you are in Hunza, you can make a night remain at Rakaposhi similarly as we (me and the movement gathering) did. Since Rakaposhi itself offers you amazing perspectives, particularly on the off chance that you are remaining at Rakaposhi see point lodging. From that point, Attabad Lake is situated at the separation of generally 39km. You can basically take a course on Karakoram expressway that runs along the lake and the passages, and make the most of your ride on the covered street while the excellence in blue anticipates you.

Activities It’s for the most part a touring place, and not an excursion point so you probably won’t find numerous exercises on the land. Be that as it may, drifting is the main intriguing movement to do over yonder.

Speedboat: Yeah, all the great lies in drifting and that adds to your energy, particularly running a speedboat is the genuine bliss. Since you have an inclination for some time as though you are in charge of something that is the reason for commendable disturbance in the hypnotizing magnificence.

For the most part, the proprietors don’t release only you with the pontoon. A talented speedboat driver consistently helps you, in addition to he can assist you with having a ton of fun with the waves inside safe cutoff points. That is exciting on the off chance that you speed up the vessel and request that he play out some sheltered tricks. They are well disposed and humble, they won’t baffle you while they care for your life simultaneously.

PS: go alone, not two by two. Just you and the guide – to appreciate the ride since you won’t need to sit behind your accomplice in kindness

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Steering vessel: this is directed by a commander, and it’s moderate. It’s acceptable on the off chance that you need to catch products pictures or make some pleasant recordings while you sail.

In the two cases, you are encouraged to wear a real existence coat forever wellbeing; else, you will be fined, or you could be suffocated in more awful circumstances.

Tips while you plan your visit to Attabad Lake

Since it’s a huge open spot without any shades or guest plans, you should deal with the following before you set out for your experiences at Attabad Lake.

  • Carry a decent sunblock/against UAV moisturizer/shower
  • Take a T-Cap or Umbrella for a similar explanation
  • Keep your water bottle along, you can top off from the lake. The water is drinkable
  • Put a few snacks in your pack, since there is only a little Dhaba there that offers a couple of things and at the twofold costs.
  • Keep your money along. There is No ATM

My Experience of Attabad Lake

it’s an energizing look at the ideal world I ever longed for. Other than this, I have no words to clarify my affections for the appalling magnificence that I met. It’s bizarre, how a difficulty transformed into a beguiling fascination! I would simply say while cruising on a superficial level, you can feel the despondency of the profundities, the presumption of the statures, and the kindness of the sky!