Fun Things to Do in Gig Harbor


Gig Harbor has often been named “the best city to retire in Washington State,” and it’s easy to see why. It’s a nice-sized city with a small-town feel with so much to offer.

Whether it’s shopping, dining, outdoor activities, or entertainment, there are so many things to do in Gig Harbor. If you aren’t from here and are planning on visiting, there are a few spots that need to be on the top of your list.

Follow this guide below, and you’ll be sure to see the best that Gig Harbor has to offer.

Harbor History Museum

Gig Harbor, WA, has a long and rich history of maritime culture, and the Harbor History Museum is the best place to explore it.

You can find the museum in the middle of Gig Harbor’s historic district, right between Donkey Creek and Pudget Sound.

The museum opened up in September of 2010, and it includes an 1893 restored schoolroom, a 900 square foot library, a sixty-five-foot fishing boat, and 7,000 square feet of exhibition and meeting rooms.

Downtown Gig Harbor

If you’re looking for a place filled with scenic views, restaurants, and shopping, Downtown Gig Harbor is the place to be. This is one of the best places to go in Gig Harbor because it has a little something for everyone.

This area starts at Skansie Brothers Park and ends near the Historic Finholm District.

Walk the path next to the harbor, and stop to take pictures with the many marinas. Visit the local bookstore, No Dearth of Books, and read up on maritime literature.

Visit the local coffee shops, restaurants, and boutiques, and end your day sitting on a bench staring out into the water. No matter where you look, when you’re in Downtown Gig Harbor, you’ll be getting beautiful picture-worthy scenes.

Uptown Gig Harbor

Once you’re finished exploring Downtown, it’s time to explore Uptown Gig Harbor. This charming shopping center is perfect for anyone looking for things to do in Gig Harbor, WA.

You can find thirty-five national retailers, boutiques, fine dining, and fast food all in one place. No matter if your goal is to find a cute new outfit or beautiful artwork, Uptown is the place to be.

There are bars, coffee shops, and events throughout the year, such as movie nights and a concert series in the summer.

Finholm View Climb

One of the best parts of visiting Gig Harbor is the fantastic views that you can find at any turn. Yet, the ultimate views require a bit of work to find, such as at the Finholm View Climb.

To find this amazing view, start at the Filhom Historic District, near the back of the harbor. On the opposite side of the road of Anthony’s Restaurant, you’ll find a set of wooden stairs.

There are about 100 stairs you’ll have to climb, but as you do, the view of the waterfront will continue to get better and better. There are rest stops and viewing platforms along the way, so make sure to stop and absorb the entire journey.

Once you get to the top, you’ll get to experience an incredible view of the harbor that is unlike anything you would get on the ground.

Sehmel Homestead Park

Among the topmost fun things to do in Gig Harbor is immersing yourself in nature, so make sure you stop by Sehmel Homestead Park. This is northwest of Downtown and was once a multi-generation family home but was donated in 2002.

The property is 98 acres and offers a bit of everything, from football fields to hiking trails.

About 20 acres of the land is reserved for team sports, including a softball and baseball diamond, a football field, tennis courts, and a basketball court. There is also an amphitheater and picnic tables throughout this section of the park.

If you feel more like hiking, you can find trails that are about four miles and take you through landscaped gardens, meadows, and wetlands. You may even find a pond or two on your journeys.

Cushman Trail

If you’d like to take a bike ride through Gig Harbor, riding the Cushman trail is the way to go. This 6.2-mile trail stretches north and south of the city, and it is primarily flat but does have a 10% incline at times.

There are two bike lanes and multiple trailheads that you can enter from. Grandview Street is the most popular trailhead parking area, as this also has a public restroom.

The Cushman trail passes through multiple busy intersections, so it’s essential to be aware and cautious when traveling on the trail.

Crescent Creek Park

Crescent Creek park offers you a little bit of history with some outdoor fun. This is a smaller park that was once the recess grounds for Crescent Creek school, which operated in the early 1900s.

When the school was donated to the city, it became the first city park. You can find a stone shelter on the land along with other shaded picnic spots and a wooden platform that overlooks the Crescent Creek.

Ready to Find Things to Do in Gig Harbor?

There are so many exciting things to do in Gig Harbor; this list is truly just the beginning. Whenever you plan your visit, be sure to make stopping and taking in the scenery a priority as much as possible.

Gig Harbor is a little town with a lot of history, and you’ll be sure to appreciate it by the time your visit is over.

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