How to Pack Dishes for a Move So They Arrive Unbroken


Do you want to ensure every dish arrives at your new home in one piece?

Each year, over 40 million Americans move. If each person got at least one broken dish during the move, we’d have at least 40 million broken dishes per year. Considering the cost of a good plate, we’re also losing a lot of money each year.

We can help you know how to pack dishes for a move with little to no breakage. Continue reading to know more about proper packaging.

1. Use Moving Boxes Designed for Dishes

You can get special moving boxes in moving supply stores. They’ll cost more than a regular moving box, but they also provide extra protection for your plates.

For many people, movers cost a lot already. If you’re trying to save on extra costs, use the ordinary moving boxes instead.

Don’t forget to secure the moving box. Seal the flaps and the center lines across the bottom of the box with duct tape. Secure the edges on the bottom and along the side of the box with more tape.

2. Cushion the Bottom of the Box

Take a handful of packing paper and crumple each one. Place crumpled pieces at the bottom of the moving box until you have a six-inch layer. It acts as a cushion for the first layer of dishes.

Next, turn the box to its side and label it as “FRAGILE.” You don’t want to lose track of which moving box contains your most breakable dining items.

3. Wrap Each Dish in Packing Paper

Take more of your packing paper and pack the dishes one by one.

Start with the heaviest items, which are the plates. After you’ve wrapped each plate with packing paper, place it on its side inside the box. Make sure the plates support or hold each other up.

An extra tip on learning how to pack dishes is to make the space in the box tight. These dishes shouldn’t move around when you shake the box. Before moving to the next layer, add crumpled packing paper to the sides and on top.

4. Layer the Dishes

The next step in learning how to pack dishes when moving is wrapping your bowls. Wrap them by putting one corner of the packing paper in the bowl. Crumple the rest of it around the bowl.

Place the bowls on their sides on top of the balls of packing paper. Add a layer of packing paper between each layer. Make sure they don’t move around when you move the box.

Finally, wrap and pack the glasses on top of the bowls. Wrap glasses like you wrap the bowls. Since they’re the lightest, they go on top.

5. Seal the Box

Before you seal the box, place more packing paper on top. You don’t need to make the top layer as thick as the bottom ones. Yet, if you hear or feel the dishes moving when you shake the box, stuff more packing paper in there.

You’re almost ready for a moving experience like no other. For the last step on our guide on how to pack dishes for moving, seal the box well with tape.

How to Pack Dishes for a Move

Now you can use these steps on how to pack dishes for a move. With these, you can rest assured that your dishes will stay in one piece during the move.

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