Vacations In Nantucket


Taking a vacation is an enjoyable moment an individual can experience in life, but taking that vacation at Nantucket is a memorable moment to experience. Located 50km away from the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Nantucket Island is a place that offers everyone’s beach vacation dream. Nantucket has different areas for visitors to enjoy their vacation, including Surfside Beach, Jetties Beach, and Madaket Beach.

There is Seawatch 4 Bedrooms 4.5 Bathrooms Home or Sea Lion for those that fancy personal vacation homes to make your vacation dream a reality. Aside from the beaches and private vacation homes, there are other packages or expeditions one can partake at Nantucket.

 Nantucket Aquarium

Nantucket aquarium is one of the most interesting spots to visit when vacationing at Nantucket. Visitors can easily find it on the shoreline of Nantucket Harbor. Nantucket aquarium offers varieties of the exhibition including:

  • Touch Tank: a cool spot to see and touch things like crabs, shrimp, clams, snails, etc.
  • Outdoor Circle Tank: this is the place for visitors to see and feel the larger animals, like baby sharks, horseshoe crabs, flounder, etc.
  • Aquarium Rooms: here, visitors are exposed to some amazing animals such as jellyfish, lobsters, shrimp, tropical fish, and other popular local species.

Generally, Nantucket Aquarium displays local Nantucket marine species for visitors and is a wonderful place to know about the amazing sea life around the island.

For the visitors that may be coming to the United States for a vacation at Nantucket, who desire to come in through ESTA authorization arrangement, it should be noted that even without specifying your criminal conviction records during the application, the ESTA authorization department would still check for Esta’s criminal record. Hence, if any form of criminal conviction record is found in your background check, your application would be outrightly not authorized.

The criminal record that may stop a visitor’s ESTA application from being rejected involves any stint of fraud or convictions that turned to confinement of one year or more, even if the sentence is completely suspended. This is for US Immigration and ESTA criminal record.

In another situation, visitors may want to check esta authorization to know their status or if their Esta is still valid. To do this, it is advisable to contact the Esta authorization department directly at any point in time.

Typically, the Esta authorization is valid for visitors whose Esta is still within the two-year validation period. Or if the visitor’s passport is expired, then such visitor would need to reapply for another Esta, as Esta authorization is tied with the individual’s passport. Also, if you’re wondering if you’re qualified to apply for Esta before coming to the United States, you can easily check if your country of nationality is among the Visa Waiver Program country. You can easily do this by checking the Esta website.

Nantucket Hiking

One of the interesting things to do at Nantucket vacation is the hiking activity. Nantucket hiking offers a beachside stroll or a wooded trail-blazing path.  As a visitor, you can perform your hiking activities in any of the following areas on Nantucket Island.

Sconset Bluff Walk

This is a very quiet and peaceful surrounding to enjoy hiking. The walking path has a high cliffside with the oceans rumbling downside to making the activity interesting.

Tupancy Links

This is a 73 acres path that lies between Nantucket Harbor and Cliff Road. The path is filled with beautiful bearberry shrubs, pasture rose, huckleberry, and beach plum to make your scenery memorable.

Masquetuck Reservation

This is a 13 acres path. It is packed with amazing scenery that includes a bunch of cranberry bogs, hardwood forests, and salt marshes. It gives the island a unique look.

Other places to have hiking or walking activities is Miacomet Pond and New Polpis Water Tower Loop

Nantucket landmarks

Given that Nantucket is one of the historic sites in New England. It has some place of interest or landmarks to see as a visitor. One of the landmarks is the Old Mill, constructed in 1746. Presently, it is the oldest working mill in the United States. It is owned and operated by the Nantucket Historical Association.

Other major landmarks to visit are: Old Gaol, built in the year 1806, Quaker (Friends) Meeting House constructed in 1838, Nantucket Atheneum erected in the year 1847, and St. Paul’s Church built in the year 1901.

Getting Around Nantucket Without A Car

It is normal to have a vacation without taking your car along. This is more common when you’re a foreigner or perhaps coming from a far distance like another state entirely. However, on Nantucket island, it is not difficult to move around without a car.  One can easily do this by hiking or walking with legs, or using a bicycle or bike.

A bike or bicycle can easily be rented on the island. Typically, a day rent for a bike is 35 US dollars, while a week rent is 100 US dollars. There are also different bikes to rent, including comfort bikes, hybrid bikes, all-terrain bikes, high-performance road bikes, or kid’s bikes.