Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary for the First Time? Remember These Tips


With every passing day, cannabis is gaining more and more popularity. It is now legal in 18 states for recreational purposes. Hence, a lot of people visit a cannabis dispensary every day. There are many people who use cannabis for medicinal purposes, while others use it for recreational purposes. If you are 21 years or older, you can legally buy cannabis for personal use from a licensed cannabis dispensary.

But if you are considering cannabis for the first time, you are probably going to visit a dispensary for the first time. Well, you do not have to worry about anything if it is your first visit. We are here to help you and make things easier for you. You can find every cannabis product for personal use in a “recreational cannabis dispensary near me in California.” However, there are a few things that every first-time visitor should keep in mind before entering a dispensary. In this post, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you with your first visit to a cannabis dispensary.

Tip 1. Always carry cash with you

The first tip that you should keep in mind is to carry cash with you when visiting a cannabis dispensary. You have to understand that cannabis is not yet legal on the federal level. This means businesses can not put money in federal banks. Hence, they are forced to work on a cash-only basis. That is why anyone who is visiting a dispensary to buy cannabis they have to buy it with cash. So, if you do want to avoid any kind of hassle while buying cannabis products, make sure that you are carrying cash with you.

Tip 2. Do not forget to carry your ID with you

If you want to legally buy cannabis for personal use, you have to be 21 years or older. That is why every dispensary will ask you to show your state-approved ID before you can buy anything. If you are not carrying your ID, such as your driver’s license or your passport, you will not be able to buy anything. In case you are buying medical cannabis, the staff will ask you to show your medical marijuana card. This card proves that you are a medical cannabis user.

Tip 3. Prepare a list before you enter a dispensary

When you are visiting a cannabis dispensary for the first time, you can easily get confused about what to buy. There are just so many cannabis products that you will find at a dispensary. Everything from cannabis edibles to concentrates is available in a cannabis dispensary. That is why it is always better to make a list of products you really want to buy before you enter the dispensary. This will help you stay focused and buy things that you need.

You can legally buy and use recreational cannabis if you are older than 21 years. Just keep the above-mentioned tips in mind when you are visiting a cannabis dispensary for the first time.