Ways to make your walls look classy


When you are browsing through a magazine or a website, you often find yourself in awe of the interior designs you see. There are some easy ways to make your house look like a picture-perfect house. Here are some ideas that you can use. The wall paint can really impact the ambience of the room.

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Using similar colours

One of the ways you can make your room look admirable is by using the same colours for the walls and the furniture. However, if your wall is matte, then your furniture can be on the glossier side. A similar colour and different surfaces can make the space look really great.

Matte walls

There are many ways you can make a place look classy and one of them is to use matte dark colours for walls. Pair them with appropriate light fixtures and your library, living area, or study area can really take a classy turn. You can use black, dark green, dark blue, or any dark colour to make the place seem great.

Go for a simple theme

If you are looking for classy and elegant, then you can skip the boho vibe and go for the traditional classy vibe. Try incorporating a touch of gold in your furniture or on your walls. If you overdo it, the space might look too sparkly and tacky.

Let go of the traditional rules

Many times, you get limited by your own imagination. Try experimenting with the newer trends and mixing them with your own ideas. For example, textured walls are quite common. However, you can add your own twist by adding spotlights and hand-painted designs along with it. Try a new colour combination in every room to enliven the place. If you are looking to break a few rules, then you can also consider looking at patterns that are unpopular like geometric ones, abstract ones, and even popular cartoon characters for kids.

Go according to the room of the house

Decide on a theme for each room. For example, the walls of the kids’ room will be different from those of the master bedroom or the living area. Pick a theme for each room and stick to it. The theme can be ocean, beach, rainforest, and so many others.

Look for inspiration

More often than not, you will realize that you need not make a lot of effort for your space to look unique. Look for inspiration in various places like tourist spots, palaces, parks, gardens, zoos, and many more. These places will speak to you and give you ideas for your home. Take inspiration from famous paintings, buildings, and historic places, and build something of your own. Go for a colour combination that represents what inspires you.

Customize textures

If you like something, then try to add a little bit of you to that idea and customize the textures according to your liking. This not only helps you set the tone and flow but also lets you add wall hangings, art, and other knick knacks to the wall.

Reflective surfaces add a sparkle

Instead of using actual gold and silver on walls, you can add reflective surfaces in the room to add a bit of shine. A brilliant chandelier, ornate and antique mirrors, and crystal light fixtures are a few examples of such items that can add sparkle to the space. Mirrors can make the room seem bigger whereas chandeliers make the ceiling look lower. They are a great focal point and a noteworthy attraction in the room.

Make your own gallery

A wall of black and white photos with plain black frames can go a long way in making a place look classy. This is a great way of creating a wall of memories as well.

These tricks will help make your space look classy and like it has been designed by a professional. Happy decorating!