What to Bring to the Beach: The Essential Items


Did you know almost four in five people say being at the beach puts them in a better mood? That’s one reason why it’s such a popular vacation option to help people relax and de-stress.

The only thing that can ruin a beach trip is forgetting to pack something crucial. Knowing what to bring to the beach to enjoy your time helps ensure your day goes smoothly.

So keep reading to see what items you need to add to your beach checklist.

The Basics

While not everyone packs the same when going to the beach, these basic items should be considered essentials for everyone:

  • Sunscreen
  • Food and water
  • Beach chair or blanket
  • Sunglasses or hat
  • A swimsuit
  • Flip-flops

Sunscreen and sunglasses or a hat are important items to protect yourself from the sun. Nursing a sunburn after your fun beach day takes away from the trip, so avoiding one at all costs is wise.

Food and water help keep you hydrated and satisfied throughout the day. Packing a cooler helps keep everything cold, so you aren’t stuck drinking warm water all day.

A beach chair or blanket keeps you from having to sit on the burning hot sand. Chances are you won’t spend the entire day in the water, and you’ll want somewhere to relax.

Whether you plan on fully immersing yourself in the water or not, a swimsuit helps keep you cool throughout the day. Plus, they’re cute and make for great pictures. You can shop this collection for functional yet stylish swimsuits to pack.

Finally, flip-flops might not seem like something everyone needs, but wearing anything other than sandals is a recipe for tracking sand back to your car.

The Extras

If you like to pack everything you might need on a beach vacation, here are some extra things to consider putting in your bag:

  • Beach games/toys
  • Beach umbrella
  • Change of clothes
  • Baby powder
  • First aid kit

If you’re bringing kids along, packing some beach toys and games so they can make sandcastles and entertain themselves throughout the day helps keep everyone happy.

An umbrella provides an ultra-comfortable place to sit and relax in the shade.

Baby powder helps take off the sand when the day is over. And a change of clothes enables you to prepare for a night on the town or sipping cocktails at dinner.

Finally, a first aid kit helps provide peace of mind and makes it possible to address minor cuts and scrapes without flagging down help.

Carefully Consider What to Bring to the Beach

Many people have no clue what to bring to the beach to have a comfortable and fun-filled day. Thankfully, after reading this mini-guide, you should know exactly what to bring if you want to have the time of your life relaxing by the water.

Be sure to use this as a checklist when you pack so you don’t forget anything!

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