What to Know About Snow and Winter Safety


Everyone loves the winter! Well, almost everyone. If you’re a bit of sun bunny you’re probably not looking forwards to the snow quite as much as the rest of us!

Even if you are a summer fan, winter can be made a lot more enjoyable if you’re prepared for the various dangers that come with the season.

Don’t get scared of winter, just learn these five easy tricks that will ensure you enjoy it!

Clearing Your Drive

Getting in and out of your home is critical, even in snowy weather.

Invest in a Cub Cadet snowblower to help keep your drive and sidewalk clear from snow and accessible for you to enjoy your home even with the heavy snowfall.


If you have a fireplace at your home, make sure you stock up on firewood so that you can enjoy the coziness of a roaring fire!

Be careful to keep it out the way of children and pets as they may try to take a nap in it or lick it as if it were ice cream!

Safety First

Always make sure you are always following all safety precautions when it comes to winter weather. Most people will drive without their headlights on during the day, but if you’re driving through the snow, it’s best to leave them on!

Have all your windows up and keep the heat in your car turned on as much as possible.

Make sure you are wearing all of your winter gear before you go out so that if something happens, you won’t be stuck without it or too late to put it on.

Staying Warm

Staying warm is very important to staying safe if the weather is extremely cold, but also very important for your overall health!

Make sure you have plenty of comfortable layers that are quite loose-fitting to ensure that heat stays trapped on your skin. This will help keep you insulated without worrying too much about it.

Snow Pants

Most people don’t bother with specific snow pants when they are out and about, but they are an absolute must-have if you plan on making a snowman or sledding!

Your pants will get wet and then freeze to your skin if they are not properly insulated. This will cause severe chafing, and if you’re not careful, you can actually damage your skin!

Buy snow pants that are rated for warmth and insulation.

Snow Boots

You will not be able to walk through thick snow without snow boots, no matter how hard you try, so invest in a good pair of snow boots to see you through winter.


If you haven’t worn gloves before and the weather is really cold, try them on. You want your hands to be above freezing so that your fingers don’t get numb.


If you are going to be doing any hiking or skiing, make sure you have boots that fit well, support your foot and ankle well, and are compatible with the type of terrain you will be entering.

If you are unsure about what kind of boot to get, ask someone who will be able to help you.