3 Branding Benefits of Using Live Marketing Techniques


How confident are you in your website’s selling abilities? Web copy means you can answer questions, guide the marketing process and encourage a sale. But what if you could practically be in the room when closing the deal?

Web content is a fantastic tool, but live marketing can take your brand to a whole new level.

It’s not just about closing the deal either. Picture two competing brands. Both offer the same product at the same price. However, one of them lets static content do all the work. The other’s on hand with a human being to solve problems, compare products and engage with the customer.

Which would you buy from?

Here are three fantastic ways in which live marketing techniques can benefit your brand, and they’re ready to use immediately!

1. Boost Engagement for Your Brand with Live Marketing

Customers have questions, and you have answers. Live marketing isn’t about selling – it’s about meeting a need.

Customer attention is fleeting – your business has seven seconds to make the right first impression. However, you can extend that window through engagement.

With live marketing, you’re on hand to help someone unsure about your products and services to:

  • Understand the problems your brand solves
  • Gain personal insight into how to make use of your wares
  • Talk up the best bits without sounding like a salesperson

2. Make Prospective Customers Part of Something Bigger

Your brand probably loves events – nothing beats getting employees and stakeholders together for a good time. But what about those that can’t make it?

Live marketing on Instagram Live, Twitter Spaces, or any other social media channels can take even the smallest events global.

Great customer relationships thrive on the experience, so why not let your audience play a role in your story as it unfolds?

They can see how your brand operates behind the scenes, and you have the opportunity to foster that relationship with people all over the world.

That’s just a couple of ways in which live-streamed corporate events can boost your business – have a look at even more great ways to turn any event into a branding masterclass.

3. You’ve Always Got Content to Repurpose

Some might say you have to be on TikTok. You must tweet regularly. Businesses can’t survive without an engaged Facebook following.

No matter your views, the bottleneck often stems from not having anything worthwhile to post about. Quantity matters for engagement, but quality matters for branding.

One of the best ways to maintain a social following is always to have something compelling to post. If you remember to record your live marketing efforts, you could create a month’s content in under an hour.

There are dozens of opportunities for screengrabs, clips, quotes, and comments from live events. Used correctly, they can underpin your social media strategy, promoting brand awareness long after the live session ends.

Take Your Branding Efforts to the Next Level

Your brand matters, and live marketing can play a part in every effort you make to build it. Real-time access to experts does wonders to the buyer journey, but it’s only one aspect of reaching the next stage of branding.

Fortunately, we’ve got hundreds of great tips and articles on business and marketing, ensuring that no matter what your brand does, you’re always in a position to progress – so take a look around!